Is Janice Dean married?

Sean Newman
Janice Dean / Spouse (m. 2007)

How old is Janice Dean?

52 years (May 9, 1970)
Janice Dean / Age

Are Paula Deen and Janice Dean related?

Miss your show. Paula and Janice are not real cousins by birthit’s a spiritual connection! Happy Birthday Paula Dean.

Who is Bridget Mahoney?

Brigit Mahoney joined FOX Weather in 2021 where she currently serves as an afternoon and evening co-host on the ad-supported streaming weather service. Prior to joining the network, Mahoney was a meteorologist for FOX affiliate KTVI-TV in St.

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Is Angela hutti still on Channel 2 news?

I’m the meteorologist for FOX 2 News on Friday and Saturday evenings. You’ll also see me on other KTVI newscasts as well as occasionally filling in on our sister station, KPLR.

Who is the Chief Meteorologist on Channel 13 Houston?

Rachel Briers joined the ABC13 weather team in December 2018. Before joining us in Houston, Rachel was the Chief Meteorologist at KWES in Midland, TX where she covered all of the West Texas weather, including tornadoes, large hail, and severe winter storms. Rachel found her passion for weather at a very young age.

Where did Britta Merwin go to?

Britta Merwin joined FOX Weather in 2021 where she currently serves as the morning co-anchor of the ad-supported streaming weather service. Most recently, Merwin was a meteorologist at NBC affiliate KPRC-TV in Houston, where she rose through the ranks to become the station’s morning meteorologist.

Where did Tom Brannon go?

Brannon will appear weeknights on THV11, as well as lead the station’s weather team. Teater added, “It’s a bittersweet announcement. We’ll all miss Ed tremendously and look forward to welcoming Tom back to the team in this new role.”

Who left ABC13 Houston?

ABC 13’s Ted Oberg to leave Houston for the East Coast after 21 years with KTRK. Ted Oberg, who was the master of ceremonies for the 25th annual Heart Ball in 2020, has announced he and his family are leaving Houston for the East Coast, where Oberg is a native.

Why is Ted Oberg leaving Channel 13?

He recently announced he is leaving Houston ABC owned station KTRK where he’s worked since 2001. “I love the team at ABC13 Houston and I am leaving with nothing but great memories,” he wrote on Facebook. “Ultimately my family and I felt a pull to get back to the East Coast and closer to our families.

Where is Bob Slovak now?

He’s carried that passion over to his sports broadcasting career. Bob now brings that passion to ABC13’s Programming/Special Projects department as the team’s Premium Content Multi-Skilled Reporter. Bob also teaches Broadcast Writing in the Jack Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston.

Where did Madeline Carter go?

Madeline is grateful to be back home in Kentucky, finally living close to her family in Frankfort and Louisville.