Is Janine Gutierrez the eldest?

The eldest of four siblings, Gutierrez comes from a family of actors. Her parents are Ramon Christopher Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon. Her paternal grandparents are Pilita Corrales and Eddie Gutierrez.

Who is the grandfather of Janine Gutierrez?

Janine Gutierrez/Grandfathers

Who is the mother of Janine?

Lotlot de Leon
Janine Gutierrez / Mother

Charlotte Jennifer Villamayor de Leon El Soury, known professionally as Lotlot de Leon, is a Filipino actress.


How old is Lotlot de Leon?

51 years (February 16, 1971)
Lotlot de Leon / Age

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Who is Matet De Leon’s husband?

Mickey Estrada
Matet de Leon / Husband (m. 2004)

How old is Nora Aunor?

69 years (May 21, 1953)
Nora Aunor / Age

How old is Matet de Leon?

39 years (October 4, 1983)
Matet de Leon / Age

Who is Lotlot de Leon’s husband now?

Mary Ann Bardinas June 13, 2022 06:46 PM

There’s an oft-quoted aphorism that says, “love is sweeter the second time around.” And this is apparently true to Love In 40 Days star Lotlot De Leon, who has found a second chance in love through her husband, Lebanese businessman Fadi El Soury.

Is Lotlot and Monching still together?

Lotlot and Monching were married in 1989 and had four children together, including Janine. Their marriage was annulled in 2008. Lotlot married Fadi, a Lebanese businessman, in 2018.

Who is Lotlot Leon’s daughter?

Lotlot de Leon/Daughters

How many children did Lotlot to Monching have?

But after 13 years and four kids—Janine, Jessica, Diego, and Maxine—the couple parted ways. In 2008, a Quezon City court declared the 1989 marriage of Lotlot and Monching null and void because Lotlot was, at 17, underage at the time of marriage.

Is matet and Lotlot de Leon related?

Matet siblings

Matet has a close bond with her siblings Lotlot de Leon, Kenneth, and Kiko who also happen to be adopted. Ian de Leon is the only biological son of Christopher and Nora.