Is Jeremiah or Conrad older?

Conrad is the first-born child of Susannah and Adam Fisher, and the older brother of Jeremiah. The pair grew up in New York but visited Cousins Beach every Summer with their mom’s best friend Laurel Park and her two kids, Steven and Belly.

What age is Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Character age: 16.

Lola is 19 years old in real life, but on screen she plays 16-year-old Belly, who actually turns 16 during her vacation.

How old is Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty first book?

According to the character’s wiki page, Conrad Fisher is 17 years old in the first book of The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy, in which the Amazon Prime series is based. The character is the same age in the adaptation of the show however, the actor who plays him is actually in his early 20s.

How old are the characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Their characters are supposed to be around 18. Rain Spencer, who plays Belly’s best friend Taylor Jewel, is also in her early 20s while playing 15. The biggest gap among the teen characters is likely with Gavin Casalegno (Jeremiah), who is 22 in real life, according to V Magazine,.

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How much older is Conrad than Belly?

Conrad is described in the books as being two years and a quarter older than Belly, which would make him 18-years-old. By the time readers get to the end of Han’s trilogy, Conrad is 26 in the epilogue of the third novel.

Why is Conrad depressed?

Conrad even admits to Cleveland that he knows about his mother’s cancer. This is more than likely the main trigger for Conrad. He found out that his mother had cancer, but she wanted to keep it a secret. It was killing him that he couldn’t tell his brother and kept everything inside.

Are Belly and Jeremiah the same age?

Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah Fisher

Jeremiah is the same age as Belly on the series, but according to a May 2022 interview with V Magazine, Gavin is 22 IRL.

Does Jeremiah like Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Jeremiah falls for Belly, but when he confesses his feelings to her, he is heartbroken to realize she still likes Conrad.

Who are the characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The Summer I Turned Pretty/Characters

Who does Belly end up with in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together. Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher: At the outset of the series, he is the “golden” boy, the one who appears to be untainted in the eyes of everyone. He is a good friend to Belly and a loving brother to Conrad.

Is Jeremiah in love with Belly?

Belly breaks up with Cam midway through season 1 after confessing that she’s in love with someone else and, at the end of the season, Jeremiah reveals that he’s in love with Belly.

Are Belly and Conrad dating in real life?

Who is Conrad’s real-life sun? Isabel Machado. Christopher and the actress-singer began dating in 2021 after graduating Pace University together⁠. To mark their first “feelingsiversary” in May, Isabel shared a photo of the couple sharing a smooch by a lake, writing, “so glad we kiss now.”