Is JJ Reddick a Hall of Famer?

– The VHSL announced nine athletes, coaches and contributors that will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in February. Among those in the 2021 class is Roanoke native JJ Redick.

How much did JJ Reddick make in his career?


How many points did JJ Reddick average at Duke?

Per Game
Season School PTS
2003-04 Duke 15.9
2004-05 Duke 21.8
2005-06 Duke 26.8
Career Duke 19.9

1 more row

What is JJ Redick career high?

JJ Redick dropped his most points in a game versus the Rockets on January 18, 2016, with 40 points.

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Has JJ Redick ever been an All Star?

Redick was the No. 11 pick in the 2006 NBA draft by the Magic, and while he never won a championship or made an All-Star team, he did plenty to live up to his draft status.

Was JJ Redick a good player?

In college, Redick was known for his excellent three-point and free-throw shooting. He set ACC records during his career for most points and most career ACC tournament points at the time. Redick is the all-time leading scorer for Duke. He also set several other Duke records, including most points in a single season.

Where does JJ Reddick rank?

Redick also ranks 17th in 3-point field goal percentage, finishing with a career clip of 41.5 percent including an outrageous 47.5 percent in 2015-16 when he led the NBA.

J.J. Redick’s shooting by the numbers.

Made 3-pt FG 3-pt Pct
J.J. Redick 15th 17th
Klay Thompson 20th 14th

What is Cade Cunningham career high NBA?

Understanding The Mystery Box teams, The Cereal City Assassin, Beamlessness, Vulture Mode and more.

NBA Regular Season Career Highs.

Minutes Played 44 v. Clippers on 03/13/22
Points 35 v. Hawks on 10/28/22
Rebounds 12 2 times, last @ Raptors on 03/03/22

What did JJ Redick say about Carolina fans?

The former standout Duke guard said on ESPN’s “First Take” that he believes North Carolina fans “have an inferiority complex.” “I’ve always felt that Carolina fans hate Duke fans way more than Duke fans hate Carolina fans,” Redick said on the show.

What is Richard Jefferson career high?

Richard Jefferson had his most points in a game against the Cavaliers on December 22, 2004, with 42 points.

What is Kendrick Perkins career high?

Kendrick Perkins dropped his most points in a game against the Bucks on March 15, 2009, with 26 points.

What is Robert Williams career high?

Litanies of singular players forged a basketball art and consciousness too important to be expressed in numbers.

NBA Regular Season Career Highs.

Minutes Played 45 @ Knicks on 10/20/21
Points 21 v. Cavaliers on 12/22/21
Rebounds 17 v. Kings on 01/25/22