Is Joe Locke British?

Joseph William Locke (born 24 September 2003) is a Manx actor. He is known for his role as Charlie Spring in the Netflix series Heartstopper, which he has played since 2022.

Joe Locke (actor)

Joe Locke
Nationality Manx
Occupation Actor
Years active 2021–present

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How old is Joe Loke?

19 years (September 24, 2003)
Joe Locke / Age

What films has Joe Locke been in?

Joe Locke / Appears in

What nationality is Joe Locke?

Joe Locke / Nationality

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Who is Joe Lockes best friend?

Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft are best friends in real life – Joe Locke: 11 facts

What has Kizzy Edgell been in?

  • Known For. Heartstopper Darcy Olsson (2022)
  • Girlstuff Podcast Self (2022)
  • Actor. Heartstopper Darcy Olsson (2022)

What movies are Sebastian Croft in?

Sebastian Croft/Appears in

Is Kit Connor in a relationship?

Will there be a season 2 of Heartstopper?

Has Heartstopper Season 2 Been Confirmed? You bet. In May, Netflix announced that Heartstopper is returning for not just one, but two more seasons.

Do Nick and Charlie break up?

This is a young adult rom-com; of course they get back together. Charlie, convinced that he was only making Nick’s life worse, was the one who ended things. But it wasn’t until field day that Nick made his grand romantic gesture to get his boyfriend back. In the middle of the rugby match, Nick ran to Charlie.

Are Kit Connor and Joe Locke together?

Are Joe Locke and Kit Connor dating from Heartstopper? The answer is no. In an interview with Digital Spy in May 2022, Kit confirmed that he and Joe are “very good friends,” which helped when they had to perform intimate scenes as Nick and Charlie. “We’re very good friends, me and Joe.

How old is Charlie in Heartstopper?

Joe Locke plays Charlie Spring in the teen series. Charlie is in year 10 and is 15 years old, while Joe Locke is actually a couple of years older than Charlie.