Is Josh still married to Bobby?

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star Josh Flagg cuddled up to new boyfriend Andrew Beyer after his breakup with husband Bobby Boyd.

Who is Bobby on Million Dollar Listing?

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bobby Boyd

Bobby Boyd is an LA guy with a real estate business and a big reputation. If you haven’t heard of him, it’s probably because you know his husband a little more. He’s married to “Million Dollar Listing

Is Million Dollar Listing LA Cancelled?

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ will return for Season 14. Though MDLNY will not be moving forward with a tenth season at this time, the original Million Dollar Listing series will return for Season 14. The casting line-up, however, will look very different than it did in Season 13.

How much is Frederick Worth?

Fredrik Eklund net worth: Fredrik Eklund is a Swedish born New York City real estate broker and novelist who has a net worth of $30 million.

Fredrik Eklund Net Worth.

Net Worth: $30 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.95 m)
Profession: Pornographic film actor, Writer, Real Estate Broker
Nationality: Sweden

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What is Josh altmans net worth?

What is Josh Altman’s net worth and salary? Josh Altman is an American real estate agent and reality television star who has a net worth of $40 million.

Who is leaving Million Dollar Listing LA?

After spending nine seasons as a main cast member on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” and appearing on two seasons of its sister series “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” realtor Fredrik Eklund is officially leaving the luxury real estate television banner.

How is Josh Flagg so rich?

Josh Flagg soon became quite successful as a real estate agent and set many records even as a young professional. He was involved in the biggest sale in the history of Brentwood Park. Another impressive accomplishment was selling a $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

Why was Million Dollar Listing Miami Cancelled?

Miami didn’t seem to stick with viewers, so Bravo gave another city a shot: San Fransico. Million Dollar Listing San Francisco rolled out a year after Miami but also fell short. Miami missed the mark when ratings weren’t blossoming.

Are Derek and Fredrik still together?

Personal life. On February 9, 2013, Eklund married artist Derek Kaplan on Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. The couple lived in New York with their dogs Mouse and Fritzy until 2016. They have since moved to Roxbury, Connecticut, to live in a mansion Eklund purchased.

Why did Fredrik Eklund quit Million Dollar Listing?

Eklund shares 4-year-old twins Milla and Fredrik Jr. with husband Derek Kaplan. A source tells PEOPLE exclusively that “while [Eklund] is really proud of Million Dollar Listing, this is the perfect time to say goodbye, as he’s leaving to work on new projects and wants to end on a high note.”

What ethnicity is Josh Altman?

Josh Altman was born to a Jewish family on March 10, 1979, in Newton, Massachusetts. He had a Bar Mitzvah in both the US and in Israel.

What does Derek Kaplan do for a living?

Derek Kaplan / Profession