Is Kevin McGarry in a relationship?

Kevin McGarry

McGarry has been dating When Calls the Heart costar Wallace since late 2020.

Is Kevin McGarry married to Kayla Wallace?

Are any Hallmark actors married to each other?

Kavan Smith and Corrine Clark

The actor known for his role as Leland, reveals that he has been married for over 17 years now to Corinne Clark! Clark served as the casting director for Casting Director for Stargate Atlantis & Stargate Universe. The Hallmark couple is now the proud parents of two sons!

What movies was Kayla Wallace in?

Kayla Wallace/Appears in

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How old is Hallmark actor Kevin McGarry?

Kevin McGarry’s biography. The director Kevin McGarry was born on 19th March 1985 in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. Kevin’s age is 37 years old (as of 2022).

How old is Kevin Mccarry?

37 years (March 19, 1985)
Kevin McGarry / Age

Who does Kayla Wallace play on the good doctor?

Kayla Wallace: Grace Mitchell.

What movies is Kevin McGarry in?

Kevin McGarry/Appears in

Where is Kayla Wallace from?

Vancouver Island, Canada
Kayla Wallace / Place of birth

Where Was My Grown-Up Christmas List filmed?

Kayla and Kevin filmed this year’s Hallmark movie Feeling Butterflies together in Ottawa, Ontario, and then “found ourselves [in Ottawa] back a couple months later” to film My Grown-Up Christmas List, as Kayla told MediaVillage in a new interview. And the snow you’ll see in the movie is real.

Does My Grown-Up Christmas List have a happy ending?

Luke is surprised to see Taylor waiting for him and embraces her while kissing. One week later, they get their Christmas wedding in front of a giant Christmas wreath. Taylor receives her Christmas wish to spend every Christmas together for the rest of their lives.

Is Kevin McGarry in any new Hallmark movies?

McGarry is one of the leading men on When Calls the Heart, which was renewed in June 2022 for season 10 by Hallmark. In addition to playing Nathan Grant on the series, the actor starred in three movies for the network in 2022: The Wedding Veil, The Wedding Veil Legacy and Feeling Butterflies.