Is LisaRaye McCoy married?

LisaRaye McCoy/Spouse

What is LisaRaye doing now?

LisaRaye is a prominent actress, model and entrepreneur. She rose to fame for her role as Diamond in ‘The Player’s Club’ (1998). LisaRaye currently hosts the Fox Soul show “Cocktails with Queens” as well as stars in the ALLBLK show ‘A House Divided.

Why does LisaRaye McCoy wear white?

“It’s not a method to the madness. It’s not because it’s religion. It’s because one day on the weekend I went out-of-town and realized I had all white outfits and they looked so crisp and clean.

How tall is LisaRaye?

1.69 m
LisaRaye McCoy / Height

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Who is Lisa Ray husband?

Jason Dehni
Lisa Ray / Husband (m. 2012)

How old is LisaRaye?

55 years (September 23, 1967)
LisaRaye McCoy / Age

Is LisaRaye McCoy in family business?

The Family Business (TV Series 2018– ) – LisaRaye McCoy as Donna Duncan, Donna – IMDb.

Do LisaRaye have any kids?

LisaRaye McCoy’s baby girl, Kai Morae, is all grown up and having a baby of her own.

What movies was LisaRaye in?

LisaRaye McCoy/Appears in

Is LisaRaye McCoy black?

LisaRaye McCoy-Misick was born September 23, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. She is of African American and Native American descent and is proud of her heritage.

How much older is LisaRaye than the brat?

But who’s the oldest of the sibling duo? McCoy is the older sibling by seven years.

Is LisaRaye a Virgo?

Michael, born Feb. 2, 1966, is an Aquarius with a Gemini Moon; Lisa Raye, born Sept. 23, 1966, is a Virgo with a Taurus Moon.