Is Naomi dating Whitney?

Naomie didn’t say who the mystery man was, but the Season 8 premiere proved that Naomie is dating Whitney — sort of. During the episode, “Great Ex-pectations,” Naomie informed Leva Bonaparte and Austin Kroll that things heated up between her and Whitney after the cast gathered for a dog wedding in the Season 7 finale.

Is Craig Conover still with Paige?

October 13, 2022: Craig Conover says he and Paige DeSorbo will settle down in Charleston. Conover and DeSorbo are currently maintaining a long-distance relationship as she lives in New York City and he lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

Are Craig and Naomi still together?

Despite moving in together during season 4, the duo called it quits in the fall of 2017 after less than three years of dating — but that wasn’t the last viewers saw of the former Charleston power couple.

Is Naomi from Southern Charm still with her boyfriend?

Southern Charm’s Naomie shared an update on her life today following her breakup last year. Southern Charm’s Naomie Olindo is opening up about her 2021 split from Metul Shah, giving new insight into what ended their three-year relationship.

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Is Shep and Taylor still together?

“Disclaimer to everyone: Shep and I are broken up. We have kept a cordial relationship but would appreciate not hearing what my ex is up to while I’m still trying to heal,” she wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

Is Shep and Taylor broken up?

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green are still coping with their breakup. On Friday, the Southern Charm star opened up about his split from his costar and girlfriend at the second annual BravoCon event, revealing that the wound is still healing.

Why is Naomi single?

Naomie Olindo publicly spoke out for the first time about her split from Metul Shah after learning of his alleged affair. The Southern Charm star, 29, made headlines in July 2021 when news broke that she and Shah, 30, called it quits after three years together.

Is anyone from Southern Charm married?

‘Southern Charm’ Star Madison Simon Got Married in a Gorgeous Italian Setting. While Madison LeCroy’s engagement and wedding plans have been a highlight on Season 8 of Southern Charm, after filming wrapped, the show’s other Madison, Madison Simon, tied the knot.

Where is Metul?

He Is Now Living in New York City.

Is Paige engaged to Craig?

All that said, Conover and DeSorbo aren’t engaged yet.

Did Shep and Taylor get back together?

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green Not Together Despite Reunion: Source.

How much does Paige DeSorbo make?

Paige DeSorbo — $1 Million

She and former castmate Hannah Berner now host a podcast called “The Giggly Squad.” In addition, Paige runs her own fashion blog, writes for Betches Media and is an Amazon Live host.