Is Narvel Blackstock in a relationship?

But what’s even more shocking is the news about Narvel Blackstock’s new girlfriend. After the big divorce, Narvel Blackstock moved on in his way, quite pretty fast. He started dating real estate agent Laura Putty Stroud, who sells luxury homes in Nashville.

Why did Rebas husband leave her?

When asked about the divorce, Reba said that it happened because someone was not happy about the relationship. Reba agreed with the divorce because she would not want to shackle anyone to stay with her and that life is just short to continue being miserable.

Who is Narvel Blackstock married to now?

Narvel Blackstock/Spouse

Did Narvel Blackstock attend his son’s wedding?

At the recent wedding of their son, Reba McEntire and her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock smiled together as the photographer snapped group photos. “Everyone was in close proximity, but it felt like a happy family event,” an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly, on newsstands now. “Nobody created any awkwardness.”

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Who was Shelby Blackstock best man?

One of their close friends, Tom Ellis, who was also the best man, officiated the ceremony. The couple also shared that instead of exchanging their vows publicly, they exchanged “more personal thoughts and feelings” during their first look.

Is Reba back with Narvel Blackstock?

Everything Reba McEntire Has Shared About Her 26-Year Marriage & Eventual Divorce From Narvel Blackstock. Though Reba McEntire has been dating actor Rex Linn since 2020, a source insisted the country star, 67, still hasn’t been able to fully get over the love of her life, ex-husband Narvel Blackstock, 65.

How many husbands has Reba McEntire had?

Reba McEntire
Spouses Charlie Battles ​ ​ ( m. 1976; div. 1987)​ Narvel Blackstock ​ ​ ( m. 1989; div. 2015)​
Partner(s) Rex Linn (2020–present)
Children Shelby Blackstock
Relatives Susie McEntire (sister) Pake McEntire (brother)

Why did Kelly Clarkson change her last name?

The 39-year-old says the decision stemmed from her recent divorce with Brandon Blackstock, although she was born with the last name Clarkson. The original “American Idol” winner plans to keep the name Clarkson for her professional life since she’s used it for so long.

What does Brandon Blackstock do for a living?

Talent manager
Brandon Blackstock / Profession

A talent manager is an individual who guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry.


Does Kelly Clarkson like Reba?

Reba McEntire is friends with fellow singer Kelly Clarkson, and she used to be married to Brandon Blackstock’s father — but she won’t take sides in their divorce.

What does Shelby Blackstock do for a living?

Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock (born February 23, 1990) is an American race car driver.

How much is country singer Reba McEntire worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Reba Nell McEntire has an estimated net worth of $95 million.