Is Nilda Roman Perez still alive?

May 2002
Nilda Roman Perez / Died

Did Hector Lavoe have children?

Héctor Lavoe/Children

Who was Héctor Lavoe’s wife?

Nilda Roman Perez
Héctor Lavoe / Wife (m. ?–1993)

Is Frankie Ruiz still alive?

August 9, 1998
Frankie Ruiz / Date of death

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Does Héctor Lavoe have a daughter?

Leslie Perez
Héctor Lavoe / Daughter

How many children does Hector have?

​In Troy, Hector would wed Andromache, a Cilician princess; with Andromache becoming one of the famous Trojan Women. Hector would later have one son by Andromache, a boy called Astyanax. Andromache is almost universally portrayed as the perfect wife, supportive of her husband, and the perfect future queen of Troy.

Is Willie Colon Puerto Rican?

NFLN: New York Jets’ offensive lineman Willie Colon discusses his Puerto Rican heritage.

Where is Hector Lavoe from?

Lavoe was born and raised in the Machuelo Abajo barrio of Ponce, Puerto Rico. Early in his life, he attended Escuela Libre de Música de Ponce, known today as the Instituto de Música Juan Morel Campos and, inspired by Jesús Sánchez Erazo, developed an interest in music.

Was Hector Lavoe married?

Nilda Roman Perez
Héctor Lavoe / Spouse (m. ?–1993)

Who was Hector Lavoe’s daughter?

Leslie Perez
Héctor Lavoe / Daughter

Did Marc Anthony ever meet Hector Lavoe?

MIAMI (Billboard) – When Marc Anthony was a young, up-and-coming singer with long, flowing hair, his friend DJ/producer “Little” Louie Vega took him to meet Hector Lavoe, the legendary salsa singer. As Anthony recalls the meeting, Lavoe took one look at him and said, in jest, “Ave Maria, what an ugly chick!”

Which famous Mexican icon does héctor impersonate to try to cross over the living world?

Héctor later made his debut appearance in the film trying to cross over to the Land of the Living by disguising himself as Frida Kahlo.