Is Noah and Angel still together?

The story goes that Thompson and his longtime girlfriend Angel (with whom he has a baby boy) have broken up, and the reason is American Idol runner-up HunterGirl. It’s not true — in fact, the truth couldn’t be further from that rumor.

Are Noah Thompson and HunterGirl a couple?

We just became best friends,” he shared. Thompson’s clarification about his relationship with HunterGirl follows rumors that the pair had started dating after he broke up with his girlfriend, Angel, with whom he shares his son, Walker. And while rumors don’t normally bother Thompson, this one did.

Is Noah Thompson from American Idol married?

Noah shares Walker with his girlfriend, Angel Dixon. According to Angel’s Instagram, the two have been together since 2018, but they aren’t married. “My little boy, he’s my strive for all this,” Noah said on Idol.

Does Noah Thompson have a child?

‘American Idol’ Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Noah Thompson’s Family After Seeing Rare Pictures. The 2022 Idol winner shares son, Walker, with Angel Dixon.

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What does Noah Thompson’s father do for a living?

Noah Thompson gave birth to Chris Thompson and Elizabeth Miller. His father is an established businessman and his mother died of a heart attack in 2018. He has 3 siblings, a brother named Gibson Thompson and two sisters named Alexandria Kyle Ambrose and Britany Miller Dawson.

How old is Noah Thompson?

20 years (April 18, 2002)
Noah Thompson / Age

Does Noah Thompson have a mom and dad?

His mother died years ago and his father remarried. His father encouraged him to pursue a career in music, teaching him his first chords. He hoped that he would shine in the music industry one day. His father was an influential figure in Noah’s life.

Who is the girl with Noah on Idol?

American Idol winner Noah Thompson and runner-up HunterGirl had plenty of time to get to know each other during their time on the show. They recently shared that they are so close, they consider each other to be their “best friends.”

What does HunterGirl do for a living?

HunterGirl is a country singer/songwriter originally from Gruetli-Laager, Tennessee. at age nine. At the age of eleven, she moved with her family to Winchester, Tennessee and started performing at her local church and competing in various singing competitions.

Was Noah Thompson raised by his grandmother?

“I always said there was something special about him,” said Thompson, 70, his grandmother who raised him from age 3. “It was like he was never a kid. He had an old soul.” The singer grew up in Blaine, and loved music from the beginning, trying to sing before he could talk.

How much did Noah Thompson get for winning American Idol?

For winning Season 20 of the competition, Thompson will receive a $250,000 prize along with a record deal with Hollywood Records. He’s also received some really nice gifts from businesses in Lawrence County, including a shiny new red pickup truck.

Why did Grandma raise Noah Thompson?

“My Grandma basically raised me, my parents had divorced, and my dad just felt that it was better for me to be with my grandma,” Thompson revealed. His grandmother had the opportunity to visit Thompson in California and was thrilled over the chance to visit the area for the first time ever.