Is Ochoa retiring?

Guillermo Ochoa surprises and sets a retirement date, which will no longer be in 2026. The best news for Acevedo.

Where is Ochoa going?

Guillermo Ochoa/Current teams

How much does Ochoa get paid?

2.275 million USD (2014)
Guillermo Ochoa / Salary

How old is Guillermo Ochoa?

37 years (July 13, 1985)
Guillermo Ochoa / Age

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What does Ochoa mean in English?

The name originated in the Basque Country and means “the wolf“, from the Basque vocabulary word otso/otxo meaning “wolf” (the suffix -a in the Basque language represents the definite article). In Standard Basque, the name is spelled otsoa or otxoa.

Why isn t Ochoa playing?

Mexico international goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa had been out of contract with Las Águillas and has opted to join Italian side Salernitana. In a move that we thought could happen but didn’t necessarily expect, Mexican international goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is to leave Club América.

Does Ochoa have kids?

Guillermo Ochoa/Children

Does Guillermo Ochoa have a wife?

Karla Mora
Guillermo Ochoa / Wife (m. 2017)

When was Ochoa born?

May 10, 1958 (age 64 years)
Ellen Ochoa / Date of birth

How tall is Ochoa?

1.85 m
Guillermo Ochoa / Height

How do you pronounce Ochoa?

Has Ochoa ever scored a goal?

Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magana has not scored any goals so far in the Liga MX 2022/2023 season. We’ll see how he performs in the upcoming games.