Is Olympian Baumgartner married?

He doesn’t have a wife and he hasn’t posted a woman on his Instagram. In fact, the snowboarder keeps his love life under wraps and not much is known about his dating history at all.

How tall is Nick Baumgartner?

1.83 m
Nick Baumgartner / Height

Where did Nick Baumgartner grow up?

Hometown: Iron River, Mich. High School: West Iron County High School (Iron River, Mich.)

Has Nick Baumgardner ever won an Olympic medal?

Golden years: Jacobellis, 36, and Baumgartner, 40, win in team snowboard cross. Jacobellis won her second gold medal of the Beijing Games after leaving empty-handed in four previous Olympics. Baumgartner won his first Olympic medal.

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Where does Nick Baumgartner live now?

Nick Baumgartner is in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

How old is Nick Baumgartner?

41 years (December 17, 1981)
Nick Baumgartner / Age

Who is the youngest snowboarder to ever medal at the Olympics?

Chloe Kim

Who has been stripped of their Olympic medals?

Thorpe, who excelled at a dozen or more sports, had dominated his two events at the 1912 Games in Stockholm but was stripped of his medals after it emerged that he had earned a few dollars briefly playing professional baseball before his Olympic career.

Who is the best bobsledder of all time?

André Lange, (born June 28, 1973, Ilmenau, East Germany), German bobsledder and coach who captured more Olympic gold medals (four) than any other driver in history.

Why didn’t the team figure skaters get medals?

The team medal ceremony was delayed after it came to light that figure skater Kamila Valieva tested positive for a banned drug before the Olympics. By the time the information was made public, the 15-year-old had helped the team from the Russian Olympic Committee win gold.

Why was the silver medalist skater so upset?

Trusova later said she was frustrated because she was not winning major events despite her many “technically challenging” jumps, People noted. She said her comments about quitting were “emotional” and she missed her family. She did not commit to competing at the world championships in March, AP wrote.

Will Valieva keep her medal?

The figure skating team event medals are likely to remain in limbo until Valieva’s doping case is fully adjudicated.