Is Piper a Gemini?

However, in Once Upon a Time, Phoebe says that Piper is a Gemini, placing her birthday between May 21 and June 20, 1973.

What is Levi’s zodiac sign?

Levi’s birthday is on December 25th, meaning he’s a Capricorn — known to be the most ambitious of all the zodiac signs.

What zodiac sign is mine?

Sign Meaning Astrological (tropical) zodiac
Leo The Lion 23rd July to 23rd August
Virgo The Virgin 24th August to 22nd September
Libra The Balance 23rd September to 23rd October
Scorpius The Scorpion 24th October to 22nd November

What is Piper rockelle favorite color?

4. Her favourite colour is rose gold.

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What is Piper Rockelle’s dog’s name?

Why is Piper Rockelle famous?

Q2 How did Piper Rockelle get famous? –

Piper is a successful YouTuber with over 9.4 Million subscribers. She is more often known for portraying Sky in the American web series “Mani” (2017) and starring in Chicken Girls (2018) alongside Jules LeBlanc, Hayden Summerall, and Hayley LeBlanc.

What is Piper Rockelle Favourite animal?

During our Friends From Afar interview, the cat-lover shared why she loves helping helpless kittens, “I think a lot of cats are underestimated. I feel like a lot of cats don’t get treated the way they should.” She has such a big heart! 7. Piper has adopted her own cats too, including one she rescued from her car!

What is Piper Rockelle Snapchat?

Piper Rockelle (@piperrockelle) on Snapchat.

When was Sophie fergi born?

Friends and Family

Sophie Fergi (born July 4, 2007) is an actress and a YouTuber who is also popular on Instagram and TikTok. She met her former best friend Piper Rockelle through starring on Brat TV’s Mani as the Goth Girl.

What age is Lev?

17 years (October 11, 2005)
Lev Cameron / Age

How much money does Piper have?

Piper Rockelle net worth: Piper Rockelle is an American internet personality and actress who has a net worth of $2 million. She is best known for her popularity on YouTube.

Piper Rockelle Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Place of Birth: Georgia, U.S.
Profession: Internet personality, actress, singer

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Who was in the Piper squad?

Team members of Piper Rockelle’s The Squad Group are Lev Cameron, Jenna Davis, Elliana Walmsley, Jentzen Ramirez, Emily Dobson and Frank Pugan.