Is Rick’s Restoration still in business?

Even though Rick and Kelly no longer appear on the show or in their shop, the website for Rick’s Restorations is still up and running. Rick is no longer starring in any TV shows, which is why most of his fans don’t know where he is or what he’s up to these days.

What is Rick’s restoration worth?

What Is Rick Dale’s Net Worth? Rick Dale is an American reality television star and professional antique restorer who has a net worth of $2 million.

Who owns Rick’s Restoration?

Rick Dale – Metal artist, antique restoration expert, and owner of Rick’s Restorations. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, who is one of Dale’s top customers, has praised Dale’s work by calling him “a certified miracle worker”.

Who is Rick Dale married to?

Kelly Dale
Rick Dale / Spouse (m. 1994)

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Are Rick Dale and Kelly still together?

Who are Rick Dale’s children?

Tyler Dale
Rick Dale / Children

When did Rick Dale get married?

1994 (Kelly Dale)
Rick Dale / Wedding date

How tall is Rick from American Restoration?

6′ 3″

What is Rick from Ricks Restoration doing now?

What Is the Dale Family Doing Today? Rick Dale never intended to become a TV star, so by all accounts, his off-screen life is pretty happily mundane. He still consults and writes about vintage items, along with dabbling as a metal artist.

Why was the show American Restoration Cancelled?

American Restoration was cancelled, but this decision was made after the show’s producer and the History Channel disrupted a working and successful formula. The cancellation happened after the seventh season in 2016 due to a drastic drop in viewership numbers.

What city is Rick’s Restoration in?

Rick Dale and the crew at Rick’s Restorations, home of the popular History Channel show “American Restoration,” restore vintage items and antiques into valuable collectibles. Locations: On Commerce Street in downtown Las Vegas, near Charleston Boulevard.

Did American Restoration get Cancelled?