Is Tom Higgenson still with Delilah?

If you have heard the song, it will make you think Tom Higgenson, lead guitarist of the band Plain White T’s, and Delilah had a relationship that one dreams about. However, that was not true. The two never dated.

What does Tom Higgenson do now?

In 2017, Tom also started his own Chicago-based independent record label, Humans Were Here which signed the local pop duo Fairview and also produces several of Tom’s independent projects including the punk rock band TLB he formed in 2013 with a bunch of schoolmates and the extremely brilliant solo project Million Miler

How old is Tom Higgenson?

43 years (February 22, 1979)
Tom Higgenson / Age

Where is Tom Higgenson from?

Villa Park, Illinois, United States
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Villa Park is a village in DuPage County, Illinois, United States, within the Chicago metropolitan area. The population as of the 2020 Census is 21,113. Villa Park is a western suburb of Chicago.


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Who did Tom Higgenson have a kid with?

Lennon Higgenson
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Where did Tom Higgenson go to high school?

The band formed in 1997 in Lombard, and Higgenson is an alumnus of Willowbrook (class of 1997).

Is Hey There Delilah about a real person?

Front man Tom Higgenson originally wrote the song about that one time he met a Columbia student-athlete obviously named Delilah (she’s real) at a party, told her he was going to write a song about her despite her having a boyfriend, then showed up at her house some months later with this creepy song about their whole

Does Tom Higgenson have kids?

Lennon Higgenson
Tom Higgenson / Children

Is Tom Higgenson British?

Tom Higgenson was born on 22 February 1979 in Villa Park, Illinois, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Prom Night (2008), College Road Trip (2008) and Bandslam (2009).

Where did Tom Higgenson live?

He grew up in the outskirts of Chicago, in a town called Villa Park, with divorced parents. His mother, Cindy, lived in a house in Villa Park, while his father, John, had a house in Lombard (neighboring town). Tom played soccer, baseball, and tennis in high school, as well as acting in school plays.

Why is plain white T’s on Greek?

T. Higgenson: Yes. I think ABC they’re partners with Disney. They wanted an actual band to be on the show Greek to be a part of the show and they met with a lot of bands, and we happened to be one of those bands because of the connection through Disney.

How did Tom Higgenson meet Delilah?

It’s where he first bonded with Delilah DiCrescenzo, the inspiration for the band’s best-known song. They met in 2003 when one of Higgenson’s friends asked if her friend could come with them to a Lucky Boys Confusion concert because DiCrescenzo was leaving for college the next day and had no plans.