Is Tony Hicks married?

Jane Dalton
Tony Hicks / Spouse (m. 1974)

Does Tony Hicks have children?

Paul Hicks
Tony Hicks / Children

Paul Hicks is a British musician, audio engineer and mixer, who got his start working at Abbey Road Studios in London. Hicks has worked with several notable artists, including Coldplay, Elliott Smith, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, in addition to his own band thenewno2.


How old is Tony Hicks?

76 years (December 16, 1945)
Tony Hicks / Age

Where was Tony Hicks born?

Nelson, United Kingdom
Tony Hicks / Place of birth

Nelson is a town and civil parish in the Borough of Pendle in Lancashire, England, with a population of 29,135 in 2011. It is 4 miles north of Burnley and 2.5 miles southwest of Colne.


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What did Eric Haydock died of?

January 5, 2019
Eric Haydock / Died

Where does Tim Hicks live now?

Tim is married to Amanda Hicks, and together they have 2 children. Hicks currently splits his time between Nashville, Tennessee, and his hometown in Ontario.

When was Tony Hicks born?

Anthony Christopher Hicks (born 16 December 1945) is an English guitarist and singer who has been a member of the British rock/pop band the Hollies since 1963, and as such was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

Where is Hunter Hicks from?

Hunter was born and raised in Central Oregon and grew up enjoying hunting, fishing, and rodeo.

What country are The Hollies from?

Salford, United Kingdom
The Hollies / Origin

Where does Cody Hicks live?

Cody was born and raised in Montezuma, Iowa, where he currently resides and with the help of his wife Kelsey, they are raising three beautiful children: Jaxon (4), Averlee (2), and Alivia (1).

Where did Taylor Hicks grow up?

Early life. Taylor Hicks was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on October 7, 1976, to Bradley Hicks and Pamela Dickinson. He and his family moved to the suburb of Hoover when he was eight years old. His hair started turning gray by the time he was 14.

Who is Cody Canada’s brother in law?

He is also the brother in law of fellow red dirt musician Wade Bowen, who married his sister-in-law Shelby.