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Biography Of Mike Tyson

Biography Of Mike Tyson

One of the most frightening human beings ever to step into the boxing ring, Mike Tyson was the model of the supreme gladiator – unbeaten and unbeatable. Never before had one individual captured the attention of the wider world via sport except Muhammad Ali.

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Mike Tyson Bio / Wiki

Mike Tyson Bio / Wiki

Real Name:    Michael Gerald Tyson

Nickname:      Iron Mike, Kid Dynamite, The Baddest Man on the Planet

Profession:    Professional Boxer

Fighting Style:  Ferocious and intimidating boxing style

Mike Tyson Physical Stats

Height:               (in Centimeters)   178 cm

                           (in Meters)            1.77 m

                           (in Feet-Inches)    5’10”

Weight:             (in Kilograms)   72 kg

                         (in Pounds)      163 lbs

Eye Color:    Dark Black

Hair Color:   Bald

Mike Tyson Body Measurements

Chest:        52 inches

Waist:        36 inches

Thighs:      28 inches

Biceps:     18.5 inches

Mike Tyson Personal Life

Date of Birth:         30, June 1966

Age ( in 2018):       52 Years

Horoscope:           Cancer

Nationality:           American

Food Habit:         Non-Vegetarian

Birthplace:         Brooklyn, New York, USA

Hometow:          Brownsville, New York

Religion:             Islam


He attended school but dropped out of high school as a junior.

In 1989, he was honored with Doctorate in Humane Letters from Central State University.

Mike Tyson Career

First Boxing Match:  

Mike made his professional boxing debut on March 6, 1985 in a match against Hector Mercedes at Plaza Convention Center, Albany, New York, U.S.

Mike won the match by 1-0 in the form of Technical Knockout (TKO) in 1:47 minutes.

First Film:

In 1999, Mike played Mike Tyson in the crime drama film Black & White.

First TV Show:

Mike Tyson Wife & Girlfriends

Marital Status:   Married

Wife Name:  Mike Tyson is married to Lakiha Spicer. The couple tied the knot on June 6, 2009, at the La Bella Wedding Chapel. They have 2 children together, daughter Milan and son Morocco.

Mike Tyson Girlfriends: 12

  • Kenya Moore

  • Naomi Campbell (1987) 

  • Robin Givens (1987-1989)

  • Suzette Charles (1989)

  • Tabitha Stevens (1991)

  • Coco Johnsen (1996)

  • Monica Turner (1997-2003)

  • Luz Whitney (2000-2004)

  • Lauren Woodland (2002)

  • Kola Boof (2006)

  • Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (2006-2009)

  • Lakiha Spicer (2009-Present)

Mike Tyson Family 

Wife:  3

Robin Givens 1988 To 1989

Monica Turner 1997 To 2003

Lakiha Spicer 2009 To Till Now

Children:   Mike Tyson currently has 7 children

Mike Tyson Daughters: 4

  1. Mikey Lorna Tyson
  2. Rayna
  3. Exodus
  4. Milan Tyson

Mike Tyson Sons: 3

  1. Amir 
  2. Miguel Leon Tyson
  3. Morocco Tyson

His first child, daughter Mikey Lorna Tyson with Kimberly Scarborough in 1990. His marriage to Monica Turner blessed him with 2 more children; son Amir and daughter Rayna. He welcomed daughter Rayna Tyson on February 14, 1996, and son Amir Tyson on August 5, 1997. Mike Tyson also counts Gena Turner, Monica Turner’s daughter from an earlier marriage as one of his children.

In 2002, Tyson welcomed a second son Miguel Leon Tyson with an undisclosed partner. He welcomed daughter Exodus Tyson in 2005 with Sol Xochitl. However, tragedy struck the Tysons on May 25, 2009, Tyson’s daughter Exodus who was 4 years old got caught up in a cord dangling from a home treadmill. She passed away a day after that accident due to injuries sustained.

His third marriage to Lakiha Spicer has produced 2 children; daughter Milan Tyson and son Morocco Tyson.

Mother  –     Lorna Mae (Smith) Tyson

Father  –   Purcell Tyson

Brother  – Rodney (Older Brother)

Sister  –  Denise (Older Sister),

Mike Tyson Favourite Things 

Favourite Food(s)  –  Italian Foods

Favourite Colour  –  Green

Mike Tyson ‘s Net Worth

Mike Tyson’s net worth, once upon a time, was $300 million dollars. After splashing the cash, and suffering from the consequences of some of his actions; Mike Tyson’s net worth is now only $3 million.

Facts About Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Wiki: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Familiy, UFC Records & Biography
Mike Tyson Wiki: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Familiy, UFC Records & Biography
  • Mike was the undisputed world heavyweight champion.
  • When he was 20 years 4 months and 22 days old, Mike became the youngest boxer to win WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles.
  • Mike actually won the first 19 professional boxing bouts by knockout.
  • From 1992 to 1995, Mike was jailed for raping 18 year old Desiree Washington.
  • Mike has been included in the “International Boxing Hall of Fame” and the “World Boxing Hall of Fame.”
  • Mike retired from boxing in 2006. During his career, he played a total of 58 fights and won 50 out of them.
  • When he was active in boxing, he was titled “the scariest boxer ever” by Sky Sports.
  • In December 2015, his wax statue was included in the Las Vegas-based Madame Tussauds museum.
  • In 2015, he was seen supporting Donald Trump‘s presidential candidacy.
  • He lost his dad in 1992 and his mom, a couple of years later. At 16, he became orphan. As a result, boxing manager and trainer Cus D’Amato served as his guardian.
  • Until 13 years of age, he was arrested 38 times. He started doing small crimes from young age as he spent his childhood in high-crime neighborhoods.
  • Mike has friendly relations with his brother who is a physician assistant.
  • Tyson has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the past.
  • Tyson likes to read about ancient history, especially about the Hellenistic period.
  • After leaving boxing, he has thought of becoming a missionary.
  • He gets emotional whenever he watches The Notebook (2004).
  • According to Mike himself, he doesn’t dream.
  • He desired to become a singer like Teddy Pendergrass secretly.
  • Mike always prefers tea over coffee. He has also never tasted coffee in his life.
  • He used to have a white tiger named, Kenya and even a lion named, Omar.
  • To recruit fighters, he runs Iron Mike Productions company.

Mike Tyson Records

The 1980s: Tyson Dominates

Tyson reached his peak during the 1980s. He dominated the second half of the decade like few boxers before him. For five years his fights were a string of almost uninterrupted KOs and technical knockouts, where the referee had to stop the fight because Tyson’s opponent could not continue.


  • March 6 – Hector Mercedes, Albany, New York, TKO 1
  • April 10 – Trent Singleton, Albany, TKO 1
  • May 23 – Don Halpern, Albany, KO 4
  • June 20 – Rick Spain, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 1
  • July 11 – John Alderson, Atlantic City, TKO 2
  • July 19 – Larry Sims, Poughkeepsie, New York, KO 3
  • Aug. 15 – Lorenzo Canady, Atlantic City, TKO 1
  • Sept. 5 – Michael Johnson, Atlantic City, KO 1
  • Oct. 9 – Donnie Long, Atlantic City, KO 1
  • Oct. 25 – Robert Colay, Atlantic City, KO 1
  • Nov. 1 – Sterling Benjamin, Latham, TKO 1
  • Nov. 13 – Eddie Richardson, Houston, KO 1
  • Nov. 22 – Conroy Nelson, Latham, KO 2
  • Dec. 6 – Sammy Scaff, New York, KO 1
  • Dec. 27 – Mark Young, Latham, KO 1


Tyson’s opponent in a February bout, journeyman Jesse Ferguson, was originally disqualified—for holding and clinching Tyson to avoid further punishment—giving Tyson the win. After the referee stopped the fight, Tyson’s corner protested, saying that the ruling would blemish the boxer’s perfect KO record. Officials agreed and adjusted the ruling to TKO. Later that year, Tyson defeated Trevor Berbick in a match for the WBC heavyweight belt.

  • Jan. 10 – Dave Jaco, Albany, TKO 1
  • Jan. 24 – Mike Jamison, Atlantic City, TKO 5
  • Feb. 16 – Jesse Ferguson, Troy, TKO 6
  • March 10 – Steve Zouski, Uniondale, KO 3
  • May 3 – James Tillis, Glen Falls, W 10
  • May 20 – Mitch Green, New York, W 10
  • June 13 – Reggie Gross, New York, TKO 1
  • June 28 – William Hosea, Troy, KO 1
  • July 11 – Lorenzo Boyd, Swan Lake, KO 2
  • July 26 – Marvis Frazier, Glen Falls, KO 1
  • Aug. 17 – Jose Ribalta, Atlantic City, TKO 10
  • Sept. 6 – Alfonzo Ratliff, Las Vegas, KO 2
  • Nov. 22 – Trevor Berbick, Las Vegas, TKO 2


Tyson won the WBA heavyweight title this year as well as the IBF title. He successfully defended his other titles and become the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

  • March 7 – James Smith, Las Vegas, W 12
  • May 30 – Pinklon Thomas, Las Vegas, TKO 6
  • Aug. 1 – Tony Tucker, Las Vegas, W 12
  • Oct. 16 – Tyrell Biggs, Atlantic City, TKO 7


Tyson remained champion by knocking out Larry Holmes in January, Tony Tubbs in March, and Michael Spinks in June.

  • Jan. 22 – Larry Holmes, Atlantic City, TKO 4
  • March 21 – Tony Tubbs, Tokyo, TKO 2
  • June 27 -​ Michael Spinks, Atlantic City, KO 1


Tyson scored two TKOs to remain the undisputed world heavyweight titleholder.

  • Feb. 25 – Frank Bruno, Las Vegas, TKO 5
  • July 21 – Carl Williams, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 1

The 1990s: Prison and Comeback

After dominating the late 1980s, Tyson lost the world heavyweight title early in 1990 when he was knocked out by James Douglas.


  • Feb. 11 – James Douglas, Tokyo, KO by 10
  • June 16 – Henry Tillman, Las Vegas, KO 1
  • Dec. 8 – Alex Stewart, Atlantic City, KO 1


  • March 18 – Donovan Ruddock, Las Vegas, TKO 7
  • June 28 – Donovan Ruddock, Las Vegas, W 12


After serving a three-year prison sentence for rape, Tyson made a comeback, winning an August bout against Peter McNeeley.

  • Aug. 19 – Peter McNeeley, Las Vegas, W DSQ 1
  • Dec. 16 – Buster Mathis, Jr., Philadelphia, KO 3


Tyson won back the WBC title in March and the WBA belt in September. However, he lost the WBA title to Evander Holyfield in November.

  • March 16 – Frank Bruno, Las Vegas, TKO 3
  • Sept. 7 – Bruce Seldon, Las Vegas, TKO 1
  • Nov. 9 – Evander Holyfield, Las Vegas, TKO by 11


Tyson was disqualified, losing his chance to retake the WBA title, after he famously bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear in the third round of their June bout.

  • June 28 – Evander Holyfield, Las Vegas, L DQ 3


  • Jan. 16 – Francois Botha, Las Vegas, KO 5
  • Oct. 23 – Orlin Norris, Las Vegas, NC 1

The 2000s: Troubles Continue

Tyson notched a few wins in the early 2000s, but he was later knocked out by several opponents.


  • Jan. 29 – Julius Francis, Manchester, England, TKO 2
  • June 24 -Lou Savarese, Glasgow, Scotland, TKO 1
  • Oct. 20 – Andrew Golota, Detroit, NC 3


  • Oct. 13 – Brian Nielsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, TKO 7


Tyson was well past his prime when he fought—and was knocked out by—Lennox Lewis in a challenge for the WBC and IBF crowns.

  • June 8 — Lennox Lewis, Memphis, Tennessee, KO by 8


  • Feb. 22 – Clifford Etienne, Memphis, KO 1


  • July 30 – Danny Williams, Louisville, Kentucky, KO by 4


Referee Joe Cortez stopped Tyson’s fight against Kevin McBride when Tyson didn’t come out for the seventh round. It was Tyson’s last fight—he announced his retirement after the bout.

  • June 11 – Kevin McBride, Washington, D.C., TKO by 6


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