Was Alex Hassell in The Boys?

Alex Hassell (born September 17, 1980) is a British actor. He portrayed Translucent in The Boys.

How old is Alex Hassell?

42 years (September 17, 1980)
Alex Hassell / Age

Who plays translucent on The Boys?

The Boys (TV Series 2019– ) – Alex Hassell as Translucent – IMDb.

Who plays Edmund Dettori Miranda?

Alex Hassell: Edmund Dettori.

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What nationality is Alex Hassell?

Alex Hassell / Nationality

Who was Alex The Boys?

Recurring cast
Character Portrayed by The Boys
Alex / Supersonic Miles Gaston Villanueva
Cameron Coleman Matthew Edison
Monique Frances Turner Guest

Who plays Alex in The Boys?

Miles Gaston Villaneuva joins this season of The Boys in a recurring role, portraying Alex, Starlight’s ex-boyfriend.

Who plays the TNT twins?

The TNT Twins are entirely new to the series

According to Deadline, actors Kristin Booth and Jack Doolan have been added to the series and will portray siblings. Booth will play a character named Tessa, while Doolan will play as her brother Tommy, and the two are known as the TNT Twins.

Who is black noir based on?

Black Noir (character)
Black Noir
Created by Garth Ennis Darick Robertson
Based on Batman (parody) by Bill Finger Bob Kane
Adapted by Eric Kripke
Portrayed by Nathan Mitchell Fritzy-Klevans Destine (young; Earving)

How old is black noir in the show?

Longevity: Black Noir has been active since the 80s. He is older than Gunpowder and is likely somewhere around his 50s or 60s, however he shows no signs that his age has affected his physical condition and he even appears to be even stronger then he was forty years prior.

Why can’t Black Noir speak in the show?

During Payback’s fight against Soldier Boy, Black Noir received catastrophic brain injuries that left him both unable to verbally communicate and saddled with bizarre hallucinations of cartoon animals.

Who killed Black Noir in comics?

He was later brutally shot to death by the Military and The Butcher, and killed when Billy ripped a chunk of his brain out after ripping his skull with his crowbar.