Was Anna in The Circle dating Bru?

As it turns out, he’s been in a relationship since 2021 with Anna Sitar, a content creator based in Los Angeles. Bru’s followers on social media may have noticed that Anna has frequently appeared in his posts over the last year and deduced that his relationship status was false.

How long have Ana and Bru been together?

Who is ‘The Circle’ star Josh “Bru” Brubaker dating? The 25-year-old Michigan native, who hosts radio shows on various stations across the country, is in a relationship with Anna Sitar. The now-couple first met in March of 2021. Bru and Anna began “soft launching” their romance online in the summer of 2021.

What is Bru on the radios real name?

Josh Brubaker, otherwise known as “Bru” or “Bru On The Radio,” was raised in Michigan and now lives in LA. He’s currently a radio host for B96 Chicago, but he started his career back home before developing a steady social media following.

How tall is Bru from The Circle?

Bru from The Circle season 4 height

According to Celebrity Shine, Bru stands at an even 6’0 which seems about right given how tall he appears to be in The Circle.

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What does Anna sitar do for a living?

As if being a successful social media star isn’t cool enough, Anna has started a Youtube channel. With 58.7k subscribers, Anna’s Youtube channel is more personal than her Tik Tok and Instagram, but *every bit* as interesting.

Are Parker and John from The Circle dating?

Parker splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles, and her Instagram posts don’t reveal a trip up to Jersey or whether she’s dating anyone new. John doesn’t appear to have any post-The Circle Miami photos on his Instagram, and earlier TikTok videos confirm he’s pretty much single.

Are Nick and Rachel from The Circle dating?

“She lives in LA, and I live in Austin. We haven’t been able to do too much dating,” Nick says. But he adds that he did go visit her, and since then they’ve “been chatting,” though it’s “nothing official.”

Did Calvin and Kai get together after The Circle?

Although Kai and Calvin seemed to engage in some flirtation during their time in The Circle, the pair are not dating in real life. In fact, the pair never even went on a date after the show wrapped production!

Is anybody from The Circle dating?

Per an April 2022 TikTok, Anna said that they officially met through friends in April 2021. In another TikTok, she said they didn’t hang out in real life for another four months, but eventually reconnected. They officially announced their relationship in November, likely after Bru was back from filming The Circle.

Where is John from The Circle from?

John is 24 years old and is from New Jersey.

What school does Parker from The Circle go to?

Parker’s Job

Despite claiming to be a therapist as part of her Circle strategy, Parker listed her occupation on the show as “student.” She graduated from The Sagemont School in Weston, Florida, in 2018, according to a photo on her dad’s Instagram account.

Who is Parker on The Circle?

The Circle season 4’s Parker Abbott job

Parker is a college student who enjoys partying and having a good time. In The Circle season 4 cast reveal video, Parker also mentions that she’s in a sorority. Based on her Instagram bio, it looks like she splits her time between Los Angeles and Miami.