Was B-Mickie real?

The character B-Mickie on BMF is based D. Meeks, a childhood friend of Big Meech and Southwest T. This article provides everything you need to know about the real life B-Mickie.

Did B-Mickie tell on Meech?

Later on, B Mickie met with Meech and he praised B Mickie’s loyalty to him and Terry over the years. Then, even though he promised Kato he wouldn’t say anything, B Mickie confessed to Meech that Kato was working with Lamar.

Who was the real Kato in BMF?

Kato is a main character on the Starz original crime drama BMF. She is portrayed by Ajiona Alexus.

Who was Big Meech best friend?

BMF Big Meech Childhood and Teenage Years Bestfriend D Meeks aka B-Mickie sits down with Doc Hicks TV for a EXCLUSIVE Interview. D Meeks takes us back to the

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Who shot Terry from BMF?

As depicted in the series, Southwest T was shot by a rival upon exiting the mother of his children’s home in the ’80s. He would go on to lose sight in one of his eyes as a result of the violent attack. Though BMF has not yet revealed who shot Terry, many fans are speculating that it was Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa).

Who is Bleu Davinci in BMF?

Bleu Davinci is an American rapper whose real name is Barima McKnight. The 43-year-old is from Los Angeles, California and has one daughter Madisyn and three sons, Xavier, Melaki and Brandon. He shares his youngest son Xavier with hip-hop artist and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Keely Hill.

Who was Lamar Silas?

Lamar Silas is a main character and the main antagonist on the Starz original crime drama BMF. He is portrayed by Eric Kofi-Abrefa. Lamar is a cross between a serial killer and a court jester. An erratic street legend whose unbelievable stories of conquest are part of hood lore.

Is Big Meech brother Terry still alive?

Contrary to the online speculations that Southwest T died after being shot in October 2021, he is still alive. He is active on Instagram, where he shares his pictures with other celebrities.

Who is the female in BMF crew?

Tonesa “Toni” Welch, Southwest T’s former longtime girlfriend and “First Lady” of the Black Mafia Family, is one of several queenpins who star in the upcoming BET true crime docu-series, American Gangster: Trap Queens.

Who is Meech baby mama in BMF?

However, on 50 Cent’s series, he has a daughter. On the BMF Fandom page, it says that actress Serayah portrays a woman named Lori Walker who is Big Meech’s girlfriend. Lori is the mother of his child named Neeka.

Where is Meech and Terry sister?

Nicole reportedly lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan with her family.

How old is Terry Flenory Jr?

22 years (April 22, 2000)
Demetrius Flenory Jr. / Age