Was Brett Somers ever on Barney Miller?

Barney Miller (TV Series 1975–1982) – Brett Somers as Edna Relkie, Mrs. Stavochek – IMDb.

Who has passed away from Match Game?

17 (AP) — Brett Somers, the actress and comedian who amused game show fans with her quips on “Match Game,” one of the most popular quiz shows of the 1970s, died on Saturday at her home here. She was 83. The cause was stomach and colon cancer, her son Adam Klugman said.

What shows were Brett Somers in?

Brett Somers/TV shows

Who played Blanche on The Odd Couple?

Oscar’s (Jack Klugman) ex-wife Blanche is played by actress Brett Somers, who is perhaps best known for her regular appearances on “Match Game”. Jack and Brett were married in real life for 24 years, from 1953-1977. They had two children together, David (b. 1959) and Adam (b.

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Why did The Odd Couple get Cancelled?

While Season 2 of The Odd Couple exceeded (modest) expectations, especially in the first half, leading to the Season 3 renewal in May, the sitcom was a soft ratings performer in its third season. It ranks as the lowest-rated CBS comedy series this season with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating (Live+7).

Who was the sloppy one in The Odd Couple?

The plot concerns two mismatched roommates: the neat, uptight Felix Ungar and the slovenly, easygoing Oscar Madison.

Was Marilyn Horne on The Odd Couple?

Episode Details & Credits

Summary: The New York Metropolitan Opera’s Marilyn Horne stars as Felix’s new discovery, but is too shy to appear in his opera unless Oscar is in it as well.

Who replaced Rita Moreno in The Odd Couple?

Sally Struthers

Gloria from “All in the Family” was tapped for “The Female Odd Couple,” which opened on Broadway in 1985 and ran for eight months — with Struthers in the role of Florence Unger and Rita Moreno playing Olive Madison. Brenda Vaccaro eventually replaced Moreno in the role of Olive.

What floor did The Odd Couple live on?

The Odd Couple opens on a hot summer night in the large, twelfth-floor apartment of New York City sportswriter Oscar Madison. A few months earlier, before Oscar’s wife left him, the apartment had reflected the modest luxury of its Riverside Drive neighborhood on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

How much would The Odd Couple apartment cost today?

The Odd Couple

A few blocks away, Felix Unger and Oscar Madison rented an apartment at 1049 Park Avenue. A short walk from Central Park, the men would probably pay about $5,000 a month for a two-bedroom unit. Split in two, that’s only $2,500. We wonder if Felix could afford that on a photographer’s salary…

What did Neil Simon think of The Odd Couple TV show?

Neil Simon objected to this, having nothing to do with the television series and not wanting to leave the impression left that he did, not knowing the quality of the series’ scripts (he did continue to receive a “Based on the Play created by” credit).

What happened on the last episode of The Odd Couple?

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