Was Ray Liotta married and did he have children?

Liotta married Michelle Grace, an actress and producer, in February 1997 after they met at a baseball game, where her former husband Mark Grace was playing for the Chicago Cubs. The couple had a daughter, Karsen, before divorcing amicably in 2004.

What was the last movie Ray Liotta made before he died?

Ray Liotta tragically died, aged 67, on 26th May while shooting a new film project titled Dangerous Waters.

Does Ray Liotta have a daughter?

Karsen Liotta
Ray Liotta / Daughter

Who did Ray Liotta leave his money to?

The instantly-recognisable actor leaves behind a 23 year old daughter, Karsen – who he shares with his ex-wife – and fiancee Jacy Nittolo who he proposed to in 2020 and is a mother of her own four children.

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What was Ray Liotta’s net worth when he died?

Ray Liotta Net Worth: $14 Million

According to multiple sources including Celebrity Net Worth, Liotta’s net worth at the time of his passing was closer to $14 million.

What did Ray Liotta’s daughter say about him?

Karsen Liotta
Ray Liotta / Daughter

How much money did Ray Liotta have?

Ray Liotta Net Worth: $14 Million

During a career that lasted over 40 years, Liotta didn’t have a blockbuster payday for any of his movies but he was a reliable and steady actor, with 126 acting credits to his name, according to IMDb.

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