Was Total Divas cancelled?

WWE’s Total Divas ran from July 2013 until December 2019 when the show was canceled. For more than six years, the show allowed several of the company’s most popular female wrestlers to share their private lives with the WWE Universe.

Why did Bellas get Cancelled?

In June 2021, Essentially Sports reported that E! had canceled Total Bellas and its sister show Total Divas, citing low ratings and a lack of interest from those involved.

Why is Lana not on Total Divas anymore?

Network executives made the decision based off of a poll that showed how little Lana & Rusev were liked on the show. “When I first was told [that we would no longer be on Total Divas], Kevin Dunn is so great, and we were basically told that we were a shoo-in and that we were incredible on this season,” Lana said.

Who is in season 8 of Total Divas?

Total Divas (season 8)
Total Divas
Starring Brie Bella Naomi Natalya Nikki Bella Paige Lana Nia Jax
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10

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Who is in season 9 of Total Divas?

Total Divas (season 9)
Total Divas
Starring Naomi Natalya Carmella Nia Jax Ronda Rousey Sonya Deville
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 10

Who is the current Diva champion?

The current champion is Ana Sanchez, who is in her fourth reign. Overall, there have been 27 reigns shared between 15 women.

Who is the greatest diva in WWE?

1. Trish Stratus. Trish Stratus is generally considered the most successful performer of the initial Diva era, a period that had the initial group of wrestlers competing for the WWE Women’s Championship, followed by the introduction of the Diva title.

Who is the youngest diva champion?

Paige was the youngest Divas Champion. She won the title on her main roster debut at the age of 21.

When did WWE stop using Divas?

End of first brand extension. In April 2016, the Divas Championship was retired and replaced by a new WWE Women’s Championship.

Do they still bleed in WWE?

From July 2008 onward, due to its TV-PG rating, WWE has not allowed wrestlers to blade themselves. In most cases, any blood coming from the wrestlers is unintentional.

What do you call a female wrestler?

In the 1990s, WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation) introduced the term Diva to refer to its female performers, including wrestlers, managers or valets, backstage interviewers, or ring announcers.

Who was the first nexus leader?

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