What actress played in the movie 10?


What is the movie 10 about?

A successful, middle-aged Hollywood songwriter falls hopelessly in love with the woman of his dreams, and even follows the girl and her new husband to their Mexican honeymoon resort. While his behaviour seems sure to land him in trouble, out of the blue fate plays into his hands.
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How old was Bo Derek 10?

How old was Bo Derek when “10” was filmed? The movie “10” was filmed when Derek was 23 years old.

Who played the dentist in the movie 10?

After getting six fillings drilled by the girl’s dentist/father (James Noble), in an attempt to learn where the girl went on her honeymoon, George flies to Mexico to find his “10” and eventually learns the lessons you would expect from such a venture.

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Who was Bo Derek’s husband?

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Why is the movie 10 Rated R?

Its themes — mid-life crises, commitment issues, and the like — won’t likely appeal to teens. But there’s plenty of nudity — naked breasts and backsides — and numerous sexual situations, including the depiction of a sex party.

How old is Bo Derek now?

66 years (November 20, 1956)
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Who was the male lead in the movie 10?

10 is a 1979 American romantic comedy film written, produced and directed by Blake Edwards and starring Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, Robert Webber and Bo Derek. It was considered a trendsetting film at the time of its release and became one of the year’s biggest box-office hits.

Where was the movie 10 filmed?

Manzanillo, Mexico. This is where they filmed the movie 10, with Bo Derek.

What movies was Bo Derek?

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Who is Bo Derek’s love interest?

A Secret Wedding!

After nearly two decades of dating, John Corbett and Bo Derek finally tied the knot!

What hairstyle did Bo Derek have in the movie 10?

Bo Derek is finally talking about those infamous cornrows. While promoting her Reelz documentary, In My Own Words, the 63-year-old actress spoke with Variety about the braided hairstyle she famously wore when she broke onto the scene in the 1979 movie, 10.