What actually happened to Tangmo Nida?

Tangmo, 37, reportedly fell off a speedboat into the Chao Phraya River on February 24 and her body was found two days later. She was on the boat with five others, who now face criminal charges. A sixth person is also facing charges for allegedly advising the five suspects to keep quiet.

Where did Tangmo Nida died?

Mueang Nonthaburi District, Thailand
Pataratida Pacharawirapong / Place of death

Mueang Nonthaburi is the capital district of Nonthaburi province in Thailand. The city of Nonthaburi has 267,001 inhabitants, while the whole district has 348,553.


Why did the Thai actress died?

A forensic examination has confirmed that the late TV actress Nida Patcharaveerapong, aka “Tangmo”, died by drowning, said Pol Lt-Gen Jirapat Phumichit, commissioner of Provincial Police Region 1 at a news conference today (Tuesday).

How did Tangmo drown?

Detectives determined the actress fell from the stern of a speedboat and was hit by its propeller before drowning in the Chao Phraya River late in February. Police held a press conference at the Provincial Police Region 1 headquarters on Tuesday to conclude their investigation into the death of the 37-year-old actress.

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When was the body of Tangmo found?

MANILA, Philippines – The lifeless body of Thai actress Nida Patcharaveerapong, popularly known as Tangmo, was found by rescuers in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River on Saturday, February 26 after a 38-hour search.

What happen to Thailand actress?

Tangmo, whose real name is Nida Patcharaveerapong, was found dead on February 26 after a 38-hour search, after she had allegedly fallen off a speed boat.

Who died in Thailand Cave Rescue?

Saman Kunan, a 37-year-old former Royal Thai Navy SEAL, died of asphyxiation during an attempted rescue on 6 July while returning to a staging base in the cave after delivering diving cylinders to the trapped group.

How old is Tangmo?

37 years (1984–2022)
Pataratida Pacharawirapong / Age at death

Does Tangmo have a tattoo?

Tangmo, who showed off her tattoo on Instagram, opted for a tattoo of a large black bird, with Tono’s name beneath.

Who is Tangmo mother?

Panida Siriyudthayothin
Pataratida Pacharawirapong / Mother

Who is Tangmo Nida father?

Sophon Patcharawirapong
Pataratida Pacharawirapong / Father

How old is Tono pakin?

36 years (August 29, 1986)
Phakin Khamwilaisak / Age