What age is Andrew Form?

53 years (February 3, 1969)
Andrew Form / Age

Who is Andrew’s ex wife?

Jordana Brewster
Andrew Form / Ex-spouse

Jordana Brewster is an American actress. Best known for her role as Mia Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise, she made her acting debut in an episode of All My Children in 1995 and next took on the


Who is Jordana Brewster married to?

Jordana Brewster/Spouse

How old is Jordana Brewster?

42 years (April 26, 1980)
Jordana Brewster / Age

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What ethnicity is Jordana Brewster?

Brewster was born in Panama City, Panama. Her father is American. Her mother is Brazilian. She grew up in Brazil and London before moving to New York at age 10.

How old is MIA in fast and furious?

Letty and Mia later eat dinner in a small street in Tokyo and Mia tells Letty about how she kept in touch with Jakob after Dom exiled him and even reveals she broke into a police archive, despite being 16.

How old is Nathalie Emmanuel now?

33 years (March 2, 1989)
Nathalie Emmanuel / Age

How old is Alexandra Daddario?

36 years (March 16, 1986)
Alexandra Daddario / Age

Does Jordana Brewster have kids?

Jordana Brewster/Children

How tall is Jordana Brewster?

1.7 m
Jordana Brewster / Height

How tall is Paul Walker?

1.88 m
Paul Walker / Height

Who is Mason Morfit?

MASON MORFIT is a Partner, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of ValueAct Capital and is a member of the firm’s Management Committee. Mr. Morfit is a former director of Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., C.R. Bard, Inc., Immucor, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, MSD Performance, Inc., Solexa, Inc.