What are Jax and Brittany doing for work?

In addition to podcasting, Jax also revealed that he and Brittany have “a few TV projects in the works.” In 2021, Jax announced he would be publishing a children’s book as a tribute to his late father. Recently, Jax confirmed he is still working on the book; it is “getting ready to come out.”

Why didn’t Jax and Brittany go to Stassi’s wedding?

And while he claimed the tardiness of the passport was one of the reasons he and Brittany Cartwright weren’t able to make Stassi’s wedding in May, also stating that it wasn’t a “big deal,” Jax said he and Brittany would soon be traveling with their son to Mexico.

Where are Brittany and Jax living now?

While Jax and Brittany currently live in Los Angeles, Jax revealed in a recent Cameo video that once he and Brittany “figure out some logistics,” they will be moving to Clearwater, Florida, “shortly.”

Where does Jax Taylor get his money?

Jax Taylor was the highest-paid cast member on Pump Rules. He earned as much as $25,000 per episode. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is estimated to be worth $2 million. Most of his net worth stemmed from his time on the reality show and his ties with Bravo.

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Who is the richest on Vanderpump Rules?

Lisa Vanderpump – $90 million

Lisa is the richest cast member in the series. In addition to her appearance as a cast member in the series, she is the executive producer. For every episode she appears in, Lisa pockets $50,000. She reportedly pocketed $500,000 per season for her appearance in the series.

Are Brock and scheana still together?

It’s All Happening! Scheana Shay and Brock Davies Are Officially Married.

Are Katie and Tom still together?

Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz finalized their divorce in October 2022, Life & Style confirmed, three years after they tied the knot during a televised wedding. Fans were saddened to learn that the first and longest-lasting Vanderpump Rules couple called it quits, but why did they break up?

Are Katie and Tom getting divorced?

UPDATE (OCT. 13, 1:29 P.M.): According to Us Weekly, Vanderpump Rules ‘Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are officially divorced.The publication reports that the judgment was entered on Wednesday, October 12.

Is Stassi and Beau still together?

After racially insensitive remarks from Stassi’s past resurfaced in June 2020, however, Bravo cut ties with the longtime star. The twosome wed in a small ceremony in September 2020 and tied the knot again in Rome in May 2022.

How does Jax Taylor earn a living?

What does Jax do for a living now? His main job involves producing, investing and creating shows. He even hinted that him and Brittany may return to TV in future… Jax also earns money from Amazon by aiming to help his fans “find cool gifts that they didn’t know they needed for the holidays”.

How much did Jax Taylor make per episode?

Jax Taylor

The model is worth $2 million, part of which comes from his salary per episode on the show: $25,000.

How much does Jax make on Vanderpump Rules?

He’s now the second richest Vanderpump Rules star with a $2 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. (More on who the actual richest cast member is later.) Still, Cheat Sheet does report that Jax makes the most per episode of any Vanderpump Rules cast member at $25,000 an episode.