What are Juno Birch’s pronouns?

Juno Birch on Twitter: “My pronoun is SHE and has been since I was 14 years old” / Twitter.

How old is Juno Birch?

29 years (December 25, 1993)
Juno Birch / Age

Does Juno Birch have Instagram?

Juno Birch (@junobirch) • Instagram photos and videos.

What season was Juno Birch on?

Juno Birch is a Stan Twitter Drag Race contestant and a stunning queen. She participated in Season 6 where she placed 10th.

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Who is Juno’s mother?

Juno (mythology)
Parents Saturn
Siblings Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Vesta, Ceres
Consort Jupiter
Children Mars, Vulcan, Bellona, Juventas

Who is Juno’s father?

Mac MacGuff is the father of Juno and Liberty Bell MacGuff. He is portrayed by J.K. Simmons.

How long is the Juno Birch show?

How Long Is a Juno Birch Performance? Juno Birch shows may vary slightly in length but will generally run for 90 minutes to two hours.

What season is Latrice Royale?

Latrice Royale is an American drag performer best known for competing in the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race where she placed 4th and went on to win the title of Miss Congeniality.

Who is Latrice Royale’s husband?

Christopher Hamblin
Latrice Royale / Husband (m. 2018)

How long did Latrice go to jail for?

In 2006, he missed a mandatory probation meeting, violating the terms of his probation, and was sentenced to eighteen months in prison.

How tall is Latrice Royale?

1.93 m
Latrice Royale / Height

Is Trixie Mattel Filipino?

Brian Michael Firkus was born on August 23, 1989, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is part Ojibwe and comes from a Native American family in Crivitz, Wisconsin. He had an abusive stepfather who would call him a “Trixie” when he acted feminine, which later inspired his drag name.