What are the new features in 2K23?

  • UPGRADED PRO STICK. The most obvious upgrade is the addition of new gesture combos to the Pro Stick.

What new features does NBA 2K22 have?

OFFENSE – Breaking down defenders off the dribble with new signature moves and combos, precision jump shooting, dunking in traffic, and pulling off alley-oops have all become more skill-based. Basketball IQ and stick skills play an even bigger role in separating top offensive players.

Is 2K23 going to be good?

NBA 2K23 is as close as the series has ever come to emulating a real game of basketball. Of course, the retro modes are only this much fun to spend time with because the on-court gameplay is so good.

What does the NBA 2K23 Championship Edition include?

The NBA 2K23 Championship Edition includes:

100,000 Virtual Currency. 10,000 MyTEAM Points. 10 MyTEAM Tokens. Sapphire Devin Booker and Ruby Michael Jordan MyTEAM Cards.

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What are the different editions of 2K23?

NBA 2K23: Which Edition to Buy?
  • NBA 2K23 Standard Edition.
  • NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition.
  • NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition.
  • NBA 2K23 Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • NBA 2K23 Championship Edition.
  • NBA 2K23 Dreamer Edition.
  • NBA 2K23: Digital vs. Physical.

What comes with 2K23 Deluxe Edition?

What do you get in NBA 2K23 Digital Deluxe edition?
  • Ten-thousand MyTeam points.
  • Ten MyTeam tokens.
  • Twenty-three MyTeam promo packs in which you would receive 10 when you first launch the game plus an Amethyst topper pack.
  • Sapphire Devin Booker and Ruby Michael Jordan MyTeam cards.
  • One free agent option pack.

Is NBA 2K23 Championship Edition Limited?

For serious NBA fans, the Championship Edition of 2K23 is the best choice. It will be a limited-edition release that includes the Jordan Challenge, according to the statement from 2K. Those who purchase it will also receive a membership to NBA League Pass, which will allow them to watch live basketball.

What do you get for pre ordering NBA 2K23?

The NBA 2K23 pre-order bonuses include: 5,000 Virtual Currency. 5,000 MyTEAM Points. 10 MyTEAM Promo Packs (delivered one a week)

What’s the difference between Championship Edition and Michael Jordan Edition?

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition

This Edition offers almost all the same benefits as the Championship Edition, including 100,000 in virtual currency. However, the difference between the Michael Jordan Edition and the Championship Edition is that the former doesn’t offer an NBA League Pass subscription.

Does NBA 2K23 Standard Edition have Jordan challenges?

Alongside Michael Jordan gracing the Championship Edition and his own version of NBA 2K23, 2K has announced it is bringing back the athlete’s challenges which were a key feature of NBA 2K11.

How much will 2K23 cost?

NBA 2K23 will be released on September 9. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game cost $70, while the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC versions cost $60. You can preorder the game now through all major retailers.

How much does Michael Jordan 2K23 cost?

Michael Jordan Edition

Costing $99.99 on any platform, physical or digital, 2K gives buyers of this version 100,000 Virtual Currency that can be used in any game mode.