What cars does Danny Koker have?

10 Cars Danny Koker Is Most Proud Of
  • 10/10 1956 Chevy Stepside.
  • 9/10 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.
  • 8/10 1932 Ford Roadster.
  • 7/10 1966 Mustang GT350.
  • 6/10 1969 Cadillac DeVille.
  • 5/10 1966 Shelby 427 AC Cobra.
  • 4/10 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring.
  • 3/10 1999 Shelby Series 1.

How many cars does Danny the count have in his collection?

His personal collection spans 55 cars and 70 motorcycles, and these are the coolest cars he drives! Danny Koker may have become a household name through his appearances on reality series Pawn Stars and Counting Cars, but the passion that began it all spans across decades.

How much is Danny Koker’s car collection worth?

Danny Koker Net Worth: Danny Koker is an American car restorer and reality TV star who has a net worth of $13 million.

Danny Koker Net Worth.

Net Worth: $13 Million
Place of Birth Cleveland
Gender Male
Nationality United States of America

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How many cars does the count from Counts Kustoms own?

Danny Koker owns a massive collection of cool cars and motorcycles. In an interview with Review Journal’s Christopher Lawrence, Danny Admitted to owning at least 58 cars and about 70 motorcycles.

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How many cars does Jay Leno own?

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What did Danny Koker’s father do?

Danny Koker
Danny Koker / Father

Who is Danny Koker’s wife?

Korie Koker
Danny Koker / Wife

Did the count sell all his cars?

Although his vehicles have appreciated in value over time, Koker has opted to not sell any of them, although, with every year that passes, he could make more and more money by doing so. Koker’s daily vehicle is a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood, while his most prized vehicle is the 1972 Ford Roaster.

What happened to the count Counting Cars?

Why did Counting Cars get sued?

Count’s Kustoms sued their former employee for stealing money from the company and using it for personal benefits. They also sued the company that recommended Joseph. Frontiera had representation, and his lawyer filed to dismiss, and the suit against the company fell through, too.

Was Danny Koker in the military?

Danny was a Green Beret with the 10TH Special Forces Group stationed in Bad Tulz, Germany, a hockey player for the U.S. Army, a baseball player and an avid automotive enthusiast.

Who is Danny Koker dad?

Danny Koker
Danny Koker / Father