What contributions did Will Smith make?

With his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation to benefit inner-city community development, youth educational projects and under-privileged children and their families. Hosted the Nelson Mandela AIDS benefit concert in George, South Africa.

What charities is Will Smith involved in?

Will Smith has supported the following charities listed on this site:
  • 46664.
  • Dream Foundation.
  • Elton John AIDS Foundation.
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation.
  • Feeding America.
  • Florida Marlins Community Foundation.
  • Fulfillment Fund.

Why is Will Smith a hero?

Will Smith is a hero because of his courage and selflessness which shows when he donates to various charitable causes to help those who are less fortunate than him. Will Smith has been courageous in his career and never gives up.

What is the Will Smith Foundation?

The Will Smith Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is committed to providing positive life experiences for children by partnering with other non-profit organizations that are focused on children and how to make their lives better in Texas, Hawaii and Africa.

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How much did Will Smith give to charity?

Just-released tax returns for movie star Will Smith’s charitable foundation show he and wife, Jada, gave $1.3 million in donations last year to a variety of religious, civic and arts groups. Smith’s biggest single contribution was, as usual, Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia.

Who is The Smith Family trying to help?

The Smith Family is committed to safeguarding children and young people from abuse and neglect as we work with their families and communities.

What does the Will and Jada Smith Foundation do?

Purpose and Activities

Giving primarily for social services, health organizations, including an organization determined to end malaria deaths, as well as for arts education, and to Christian and Baptist churches and organizations.

What does the Joy Smith Foundation do?

The Joy Smith Foundation is Canada’s leading authority on the prevention and intervention of human trafficking. Through strengthened criminal laws, enhanced community awareness and compassionate support for survivors , we’ve made a real difference for people from across the country.

Why is The Smith Family a good charity?

The Smith Family has been working to improve the lives of children living in disadvantage for 100 years. Over that time, The Smith Family has evolved to become a modern, dynamic, evidence-based organisation that helps children in need create better futures for themselves through long-term support for their education.

How is The Smith Family funded?

As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to reach even more young people and their families, with 71% of donations and funding from individual supporters and partner organisations over the past five years, going straight into our community programs – all while keeping administration costs low at around 1.6% of total income

Can you stop sponsoring a child?

You may discontinue your child sponsorship at any time. Please understand that a sponsored child’s circumstances may change, too.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Smith child?

For $55 per month, your sponsorship combined with another sponsor can make a lasting difference to the life of a child like Amy. Together we can give some of Australia’s most vulnerable children the support they urgently need.