What did Angry Grandma do for a living?

Judy (born: February 18, 1944 (1944-02-18) [age 78]) better known online as the Angry Grandma, is an American YouTuber mostly known for their prank videos.

Does Angry Grandma live in Monroe Michigan?

I live in Monroe mi.

Who is angry grandmas husband?

Sheldon Hepner, Angry Grandma’s Husband, Charged In Son-In-Law’s Shooting Caught On IPhone. The husband of the Tamarac grandmother arrested for shooting her son-in-law has been charged with accessory after the fact.

How old is Angry Grandpa?

67 years (1950–2017)
Angry Grandpa / Age at death

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Is AGP dead?

December 10, 2017
Angry Grandpa / Date of death

How old is Pickleboy?


How old is green is not Nick?

About. Nickisnotgreen (born: April 16, 1999 [age 22]), known as DENTON in the music scene, is an American YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and musician.

How old is Charlie Green?

25 years (February 16, 1997)
Charlie Green / Age

Why can t pickleboy drive?

He met his girlfriend Bridgette on Myspace in 2008. When he first revealed to his father he had been posting videos of him on the internet, Angry Grandpa became enraged and threw coffee onto Michael. Michael does not drive, as he has a phobia of driving after getting in multiple car accidents.

What was Angry Grandpa’s name?

Charles “Angry Grandpa” Marvin Green, Jr. Charles Marvin Green, Jr., 67, also known as “Angry Grandpa,” of Summerville, SC, passed away December 10, 2017 at his residence.

Who is Tina Angry Grandpa?

The Angry Grandpa Show (TV Series 2010–2017) – Tina Marie Sharp as Tina – IMDb.

Who is Lauren Angry Grandpa?

Lauren Davi (born September 18, 1985) was the fiancée of Angry Grandpa until his death on December 10, 2017 and was the future step-mother to Michael Green, Jennifer Green, Kimberly Pratt and Charlie Green.