What did Bennett Foddy make?

Bennett Foddy is the creator of a number of games including his well-known series of four-letter web games QWOP, GIRP and CLOP. His work has been shown at MoMA New York, at the Pulse Art Fair and in dozens of other museums and festivals around the world.

Why did Bennett Foddy make getting over it?

People of a certain age still have that taste, or maybe everyone has it, but it’s been written out of the design orthodoxy.” In 2018, Foddy stated that the main reason he put his name in the title of Getting Over It was due to a culture that doesn’t generally “recognize the individuals who make games”.

Is Bennett foddy married?

Foddy is married, and lives in New York City as of 2018. His wife designs hats.

How old is Bennett Foddy?

About 44 years (1978)
Bennett Foddy / Age

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Is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy a horror game?

That may sound funny. But, make no mistake, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a horror game.

How many people win Getting Over It?

About how many players are cheaters? Checked on the achievements, and saw 1 percent of players achieved so over it, which is more-or-less impossible.

What is the age rating for Getting Over It?

Why is Get Over It rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Get Over It PG-13 for some crude/sexual humor, teen drinking and language.

Who is the narrator in Getting Over It?

Getting Over It is narrated by Foddy himself, a professor at NYU’s game design school who has dedicated much of his career to the unerring application of unlikely physics.

How much GB is Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy?

Storage: 2 GB available space.

Who was the first person to complete Getting Over It?

Fastest Glitchless completion of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy | Guinness World Records.

What is the fastest speedrun for Getting Over It?


What percent of people have beaten Getting Over It?


According to Steam’s statistics, over half a million people purchased Getting Over It in the past month, and less than 1 percent of players have successfully reached the end of this game.