What did blue of the Temptations die from?

He was 52. Franklin died of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a week after he was admitted following a series of seizures.

How did each of the Temptations die?

People come and go, but it still goes on,″ Otis Williams once said. Paul Williams killed himself in 1973, two years after he was asked to leave the group because of alcoholism and related health problems. Ruffin died in 1991 of a crack overdose. Kendricks died in 1992 of lung cancer.

Who died in the Temptations group?

David Ruffin, reconsidered: 30 years after the Temptations singer’s death in Philly, a look at his complicated legacy. Ruffin — the voice of Motown classics like “My Girl” — died at age 50 in 1991.

How did Eddie die from the Temptations?

A spokeswoman for Baptist Medical Center-Princeton said the singer died of lung cancer last night. Mr. Kendricks, a native of Birmingham, had been hospitalized since Sept.

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Who was the last temptation that died?

Dennis Edwards, who became a lead singer of the Motown hitmakers the Temptations in 1968 as they embraced psychedelic funk and won Grammy Awards for the songs “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” and “Cloud Nine,” died on Thursday in Chicago.

Which temptation is still alive?

(FOX 2) – Motown icon Otis Williams is the only last surviving original member of the legendary group The Temptations, who is still performing today. But he is also a proud grandfather and has taken his 16-year-old grandson under his wing to mentor his musical career.

Why did Eddie Kendricks leave the Temptations?

Following one final altercation with Williams and Franklin during a run at the Copacabana nightclub in November 1970, Kendricks walked off after the first night and did not return, and it was mutually decided he would leave the group.

Did Eddie Kendricks die?

October 5, 1992
Eddie Kendricks / Date of death

How did Melvin die in the Temptations movie?

Smokey Robinson is the only Motown celebrity to make an appearance as himself during the movie. Melvin Franklin passed away in 1995; 3 years prior to the release of this film. He died after lapsing into a coma from numerous seizures, which were brought on by his compromised immune system.

Did blue from the Temptations get shot?

Health problems and death

In 1978, he was shot in the hand and leg while trying to stop a man from stealing his car in Los Angeles. The incident prevented Franklin from participating in the Temptations’ upcoming tour of Poland, which at the time was still behind the Iron Curtain.

Who was the best Temptations lead singer?

In many ways, Paul Williams was the Temptations’ unsung hero. He and Eddie Kendricks were their original lead singers, but when of the Motown group broke worldwide and became soul heroes with “My Girl” in 1964, it was David Ruffin’s voice that rang out.

What was the Temptations number one song?

Included are popular Temptations hits such as “The Way You Do the Things You Do”, “Get Ready”, “Since I Lost My Baby”, “My Baby”, “Don’t Look Back”, and their signature #1 hit, “My Girl“.