What did Cole Porters wife Linda die of?

Linda died from emphysema in 1954. aged 70, in the couple’s apartment in the Waldorf Towers. She left an estate of over $1.5 million (over $15.1 million today) in which Cole inherited a lifetime interest.

Did Cole Porter and his wife have children?

Porter, who had been retired since 1958, maintained a home in Brentwood, a Los Angeles suburb, and an entire floor at New York’s Waldorf‐Astoria. His wife, the former Linda Lee Thomas, whom he married in Paris in 1919, died in 1954. They had no children.

How did Cole Porter become disabled?

On October 24, 1937, Porter was riding with Countess Edith di Zoppola and Duke Fulco di Verdura at Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, New York, when his horse rolled on him and crushed his legs, leaving him substantially crippled and in constant pain for the rest of his life.

Who did Cole Porter sleep with?

Hostess Elsa Maxwell (a closeted lesbian) leans over a smiling Cole Porter. The legendary society maven was a huge fan and patron. Sturges often traveled with Cole and Linda, wherever their journeys took them, and Cole and Howard made this three-way friendship more complicated when the two men entered into an affair.

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Is De-Lovely based on a true story?

De-Lovely is a 2004 American musical biopic directed by Irwin Winkler and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The screenplay by Jay Cocks is based on the life and career of Cole Porter, from his first meeting with his wife, Linda Lee Thomas, until his death.

How accurate is De-Lovely?

As a biography, De-Lovely is not historically accurate, but as drama and a tribute to Cole Porter, a prodigious talent in musical theater, it is sublime. Kevin Kline is perfectly cast in spirit as the songwriter extraordinaire who stormed Broadway as Hollywood beckoned.

Did Cole Porter have a partner?

Indeed, many aspects of Porter’s life simply could not be discussed in great detail during the 1940s and 1950s, such as his 35-year marriage to socialite Linda Lee Thomas.

Who is Margaret Cole Richards?

Margaret Cole Richards (a distant cousin of Cole Porter who grew up in his mother’s home in Peru, Indiana) to establish the Cole Porter Fellowship.

Where is Cole Porter buried?

Cole Porter

After a turbulent life of ulcers, alcoholism and depression, Porter died in 1964 and his body was sent back to Indiana for burial at Mount Hope Cemetery. Porter was buried in the family plot of his mother, Kate Cole.

Who wrote Kiss Me Kate?

Kiss Me, Kate/Playwrights

Is Kiss Me, Kate the same as Taming of the Shrew?

The Taming of the Shrew is often referred to as one of Shakespeare’s “problem plays” because of its controversial depiction of gender roles; last year’s Broadway production of Kiss Me, Kate, the 1948 musical based on The Taming of the Shrew, revived discussions of the sexism at the heart of the story and its 16th-

Is Kiss Me, Kate for kids?

Kiss Me Kate is perfect for the whole family. There is enough slapstick comedy entwined within the Shakespeare that even young kids can find things at which to laugh. Running Time: Approximately two hours, with a 20-minute intermission.