What did Dhondo Keshav Karve do?

Dhondo Keshav Karve (18 April 1858 – 9 November 1962), popularly known as Maharshi Karve, was a social reformer in India in the field of women’s welfare. He advocated widow remarriage and he himself married a widow. Karve was a pioneer in promoting widows’ education.

Who is autobiography looking back?

An autobiographical work by Dhondo Keshav Karve, popularly known as Maharshi Karve. Karve was a social reformer in India in the field of women’s welfare.

Who himself married with a window?

In the same year, he shocked public opinion by himself marrying a widow; his first wife had died in 1891. Karve also founded (1896) an educational institution, Hindu Widows Home, in Poona, to help widows support themselves if they could not remarry.

Which social reformer gave immense contribution in field of widow remarriage?

Note: The greatest contribution of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar in the social reforms in India is by widow remarriage and girls education. It is due to his arguments Hindu Widow Remarriage Act of 1856 was enacted. An open pipe is in resonance in 2nd harmonic with frequ

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Who was the founder of widow remarriage Act?

Through his efforts, Lord Canning enacted the Widow Remarriage Act throughout British India.

Who was a great champion of widow remarriage?

Social reformer Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar championed widow remarriage.

Which of the following reformer has great contribution in widow remarriage?

Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar was the first reformer to talk of widow remarriage. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar advocated that widows should be allowed to remarry.

Which of the following social reformers supported the cause of widow marriage?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar advocated for widow remarriage.

Who supported the idea of widow remarriage?

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a famous Indian reformist and philanthropist. He challenged the Brahminical authorities and proved that widow remarriage is sanctioned by Vedic scriptures. He met the British Authorities and forced them to bring the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act. Was this answer helpful?

Who was the social reformer who suggested using ancient texts that widows remarry?

For instance, one of the most famous reformers, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, used the ancient texts to suggest that widows could remarry. His suggestion was adopted by British officials, and a law was passed in 1856 permitting widow remarriage.

Who first married a widow in India?

KOLKATA: On December 7, 1856, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar married off the first widow, much to the disgust and opposition of Hindu conservatives who practised child marriage and Sati. The event was held under strict police protection from fundamental Hindu Brahmins who were against such social reforms.

Who was the great lady in the story a great social reformer?

Savitribai Jyotirao Phule (3 January 1831 – 10 March 1897) was an Indian social reformer, educationalist, and poet from Maharashtra.

Savitribai Phule
Died 10 March 1897 (aged 66) Pune, Bombay Presidency, British India (present-day Maharashtra, India)
Occupation Social reformer
Era 1831- 1897