What did Jelly Roll’s wife do for a living?

Her modeling career has many avenues from music videos to magazines and has been on Playboy TV. Wife of musician Jelly Roll, Bunnie can be seen featured in many of his music videos and live concerts.

How did Jelly Roll meet his wife?

She hails from Chatom, Ala., and he from Miami, Okla. They met at a singing competition after they separately moved to Nashville, but they didn’t instantly become a duo. Instead, it was love first, singing second. Read more about their love story here.

Who is Jellyrolls wife Bunny?

Bunnie Xo is the wife of American rapper Jelly Roll. While she is known as the latter’s better half, Bunnie Xo is more than that. She’s an actress, a social media star, a YouTube sensation, a model, and podcast host.

Who is the mother of jelly rolls daughter?

You’ve even heard Bailee (my daughter) write about the subject on a couple songs. My wife and I have had custody full time of Bailee for 4 years . Her mother Felicia has been battling a deep rooting drug addiction in and out of jail – 16 months ago Felicia (bailee’s mother) got sober in jail.

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Does Bunny and Jelly Roll have a child?

What is this? Jelly Roll then graciously thanked Bunnie for her being a great bonus mom to his daughter, Bailee. He continued, “Thank you for raising Bailee as is she was your own. Thank you for standing by me when the monsters attacked and fighting the demons with me.

Who is Jellyrolls brother?

With his brothers Black Thoven and Jovy Lynn, Jelly Roll is one of the main figures in Heatchamberz Productions, a production house based out of L.A. that keeps the beats fresh and the records hot.

How many children does Jelly Roll have?

Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie DeFord aka Bunnie XO, and has two children from a previous relationship.

Who is Noah’s son jelly rolls mother?

The little boy was born exactly a week before Charlotte’s late dad Les’s birthday on February 2. Charlotte announced that her baby son’s name is Noah on what would have been her dad Les’s 90th birthday.

What is jelly rolls net worth?

Jelly Roll is an American rapper who has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Is Jelly Roll still alive?

Jelly Roll Morton Died. Are you a jazz fan? You might be if you heard a recording by Jelly Roll Morton. He died on July 10, 1941, but his music still makes you want to get up and dance.

What is Jelly Rolls legal name?

Jason DeFord
Jelly Roll / Full name

What is Jelly Rolls age?

37 years (December 4, 1984)
Jelly Roll / Age