What did the manzos do to Dina?

Dina Manzo told investigators at the time that one of two masked intruders pushed her against a wall, covered her mouth, threw her to the floor and kicked her before taking her $60,000 engagement ring off her finger.

Why did Caroline and Dina stop talking?

Dina and Thomas married in 2005 and filed for divorce in 2013. It was finalized three years later. Caroline has been married to Albert Manzo, Thomas’ brother, for 36 years. The feud between the sisters started when Caroline publicly supported Thomas, despite the allegations against him for attacking Dina.

Why did Dina and Dolores fall out?

In speaking with Page Six, Dolores reflected on what led to her falling-out with Dina (who remains close friends with Teresa), noting, “We just went separate ways.” She went on to explain in the interview, “Sometimes friendships have expiration dates.

What did Danielle from Real Housewives do?

She was arrested with the others and charged with extortion, kidnapping and drug possession. It’s just like Alpha Dog. Staub/Merrill eventually met Kevin Maher, her future/now-ex husband, at a drug party in Miami, and he helped her reduce her charges to only extortion.

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What was Danielle Staub addicted to?

Take the true–life drama of former Real Housewives of New Jersey reality TV star, Danielle Staub, as just one well known example. In 2011, she was outed as having a sex addiction so obsessive in her life that she was working as a stripper in a gentlemen’s club not out of financial need but to satisfy her addiction.

Did Danielle Press charges against Ashley?

In drama that played out on the show, Staub had engaged Laurita s daughter, Ashley Holmes, 19, in an online war of words, before a physical altercation occurred last fall, during which Holmes pulled her hair. Staub pressed assault charges and Holmes was found guilty and had to pay a $189 fine.

Why did Ashley pulls Danielle’s hair?

In 2010, Danielle Staub took then-teenager Ashlee to court after she pulled Staub’s hair during a verbal fight with her mother. Ashlee was found guilty of simple assault. Laurita justified her daughter’s actions, stating, “She was told by someone there that [Danielle Staub] hit me.

Who was Danielle Staub’s friend Danny?

Danny Provenzano, whose great-uncle was a notorious North Jersey mobster linked to the killing of Jimmy Hoffa, has a recurring role this year as a friend of Danielle Staub, the 40ish housewife with the checkered past, who has been at war with the Manzo girls and their allies.

Was Ashley Holmes charged?

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But it was the former stripper’s hair that landed a fellow cast member on the wrong side of the law last week after a Garden State judge found 19-year-old Ashley Holmes guilty of simple assault. Holmes is the daughter of Jacqueline Laurita, one of the show’s main characters.

How did Danielle Staub lose her money?

Danielle — who has been married three times — wed multi-millionaire businessman Thomas Staub in 1993. At the time of their 2007 divorce, she was reportedly worth $3.5 million, but the divorce settlement apparently left her without anything, aside from receiving child support.

What did Danielle Staub do to Teresa?

For many, Staub was the cast member viewers loved to hate. Her rollercoaster relationship with Teresa Giudice came to final halt after it was revealed Giudice played a role in Staub pulling Margaret Jospehs’ hair. Staub says Giudice is the reason she is no longer on the show and will never return.

How did Danielle Staub make her money?

How Staub acquired her wealth. Staub had amassed much of her wealth through marrying the right people. She has been married three times, once to multi-millionaire Thomas Staub whom she married in 1993. The couple has two daughters together, Christine and Jillian.