What Disney show was Luke Newton in?

From 2016 to 2017, Newton starred in the Disney Channel series The Lodge as Ben Evans. While appearing on the series, he was also featured on the two accompanying soundtrack albums. In 2018, he starred in the Syfy television film Lake Placid: Legacy as Billy.

How many series of The Lodge are there?


Does Thomas Doherty sing in The Lodge?

Sophie Simnett, Thomas Doherty – It’s Always Been You (From “The Lodge”/Audio Only) – YouTube.

Where was The Lodge Disney filmed?

The main character, Skye, was originally named Maia, like in the Israeli Disney Channel original series North Star. The series The Lodge, filmed in Northern Ireland, takes place in the county of County Down. Most of the scenes are filmed in Montalto Estate and at The Carriage Rooms, which are in Ballynahinch.

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Is lodge a ghost story?

Despite The Lodge not being a ghost story, the word “repent” shows up in the mirror steam when Grace showers. Its reliance on this kind of Christian symbolism forces comparisons to other horror films, namely the Conjuring franchise.

Why is The Lodge Rated R?

Rating: Rated R for disturbing violence, some bloody images, language and brief nudity.

Is r worse than PG 13?

Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children. Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Rated R: Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Rated X: No one under 17 admitted.

Is The Lodge worth watching?

November 11, 2022 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review… Dark and dripping with stomach-turning, ample dread, and incredible lead performance, The Lodge isn’t a perfect movie, but damn does it not take up a heavy residence in your brain.

Is The Lodge very scary?

The Lodge makes effective use of silence in a sequence set in a cult bunker and later in the shadows of the cabin, and there’s some brief but excruciating business with a gun. You may dread things. But the movie is mostly spare, quiet, and jump-scare-free—it’s about as far from fun-house multiplex horror as it gets.

Why is The Lodge disturbing?

Rating: R for disturbing violence, some bloody images, language and brief nudity.

What is the twist in The Lodge?

Aiden and Mia hide Grace’s pills (antidepressants), warm clothes, and food and turn the electricity off. Aiden tells Grace that he had a nightmare – in his dream, all three of them suffocated and died. He further elaborates that his vision is true, and they are actually dead.

What is the plot of The Lodge?

Plot. Laura Hall takes her own life after her estranged husband Richard informs her he plans to marry Grace Marshall, a woman he met while researching a book about an extremist cult. Raised in the cult, Grace was the sole survivor of their mass suicide, led by her father.