What does Kent Hrbek do now?

Kent Hrbek retired from playing baseball decades ago, but he still works for the Minnesota Twins — when he isn’t fishing, hunting or hanging out with his friends. Photos by Tracy Walsh Photography.

Does Kent Hrbek have children?

Heidi Hrbek
Kent Hrbek / Children

Who did Kent Hrbek marry?

Jeanie Hrbek
Kent Hrbek / Spouse (m. 1985)

Why did Kent Hrbek retire?

Retirement. Kent Hrbek’s number 14 was retired by the Minnesota Twins in 1995. Frequently injured (though seldom seriously), Hrbek retired after the players strike in 1994, citing his nagging injury problems and desire to spend more time with his wife and daughter at their home in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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How old was Kent Hrbek when retired?

Hrbek only played 81 games in 1994. That was the season that ended early because of the players’ strike, and Hrbek, then at age 34, didn’t have the patience to sit it out. He officially retired from baseball on Aug. 13, 1995; the same date the Minnesota Twins retired his legendary number, 14.

Where did Kent Hrbek go to high school?

He hit the first home run in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on April 3, 1982 in an exhibition game against the Phillies. Fans knew Hrbek as an outstanding defensive player, perennial slugger, and charismatic hometown favorite. He attended Kennedy High School in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Is Kent Hrbek in the Hall of Fame?

He is best known for hitting a Grand Slam in the ’87 World Series and was also instrumental in the team winning again in 1991. Minnesota retired his number 14 in 1995 and inducted Hrbek to their Hall of Fame in 2000, which was their inaugural class.

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