What does Morgan Simianer do for a living?

Morgan Simianer is an American cheerleader and television personality. She received international recognition after appearing in the Netflix docuseries Cheer.

Is Morgan still cheerleading?

Morgan Simianer is still cheering

She is also going back to her “Cheer” roots with “Cheer Live 2022,” a live, touring show featuring Simianer and other favorites from the Netflix series.

Did Morgan attend Texas Tech cheer?

Morgan graduated from Navarro in May 2020 and went on to University at Texas Tech where she still studies, alongside fellow Navarro cheer alumni Austin Bayles and Mackenzie “Sherbs” Sherburn.

What is La Darius from cheer Doing now?

Currently, La’Darius is living in Pensacola, Fla., training young cheerleaders at Cheer Athletics. La’Darius and Monica have reportedly made up, and he has been supportive of the show’s second season on social media. Seasons 1 and 2 of Cheer are now streaming on Netflix.

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Why did Navarro assistant coach leave?

Not much has been said about his absence, but it appears it wasn’t down to any conflict or bad blood, he simply left to start a new venture. Andy shared a post on Instagram announcing his new business move. It’s called Cheer Source, “a new large-scale, multi-sport and entertainment experience” focused on cheerleading.

What happened to Monica’s assistant coach in cheer?

Despite there not being a clear explanation for Andy leaving his former post with Navarro’s cheer team, it seems the talented coach is still in the business as he started up his own business; Cheer Source All Star. His business is described as ‘a new large-scale, multi-sport and entertainment experience’.

Where is La Darius Marshall?

La’Darius Marshall is in Jackson, Mississippi.

Are Monica and ladarius still friends?

As of January 2022, La’Darius and Monica still seem to be good. Both of them follow each other on Instagram, and La’Darius has posted several Instagram posts promoting Cheer season 2, despite the negative things he’s said about the show the year prior.

What happened with La Darius and Monica?

‘ And according to Style Caster, La’Darius accused Monica and Navarro College of ‘physical and mental abuse’. He has also recently posted an Instagram story, telling fans he is going to release a video explaining why he quit, saying he wants to ‘clear the air and tell the truth. ‘

Why did the Navarro choreographer leave?

Brad might have left Navarro due to feeling unappreciated for his work. One Redditor takes us back to Season 1, where only the cheerleaders and coaches receive appreciation and notoriety for their work prior to the NCA College Nationals.

Is Andy still an assistant coach at Navarro?

Here’s why he left. Andy Cosferent was the assistant coach for Navarro on Cheer seasons 1 and 2, but he is no longer working as Monica Aldama’s right hand man. Andy helped decide who would be making mat each year and helped create their championship-winning routines.

Is Monica still coaching at Navarro?

She is still at Navarro

While she was 25 years younger when she first became coach, the now seasoned hall-of-famer (Aldama was recently inducted into Navarro’s Hall of Fame, per The Cinemaholic) knows that her job as a coach is so much more than winning competitions.