What does Nandi Bushell’s dad do for a living?

British-Zulu musician Nandi Bushell, who recently performed with Foo Fighters in London for a tribute show to the rock band’s late drummer Taylor Hawkins, has released a new single dedicated to her father, John Bushell, also a musician.

Who is Nandi that performed with Foo Fighters?

Nandi Bushell, a 12-year-old drummer and social media celebrity, joined the Foo Fighters on stage for the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in London. The show lasted for about six hours and took place on September 3.

How did Dave Grohl meet Nandi Bushell?

Dave Grohl has praised the young musician Nandi Bushell, saying that watching her play drums is “the true meaning of rock’n’roll”. The pair struck up a friendship after Nandi challenged the Foo Fighters frontman to an epic drum battle and the pint-sized drumming sensation has even joined them to perform live on stage.

Is Foo Fighters hero about Kurt Cobain?

When Grohl performed the track on The Howard Stern Show that the song was “loosely based on Kurt Cobain,” the rocker scrunched up his face and replied: “Errr, it’s kinda more about heroes that are ordinary.” When the shock jock asked if it’s because heroes disappoint you, he clarified: “Not at all.

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Who taught Nandi Bushell?

Under the tutelage of Ashley Howard, Bushell began taking lessons at age six. With her father’s help, Bushell began posting videos of her covers of various songs, including a music video he created with an alien theme as seven-year-old Nandi drummed along to “Toxicity” by System of a Down.

Who are Dave Grohl’s best friends?

Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl played together in Foo Fighters for 25 years, but their friendship also flourished outside the studio. When the duo first met in the mid-1990s, Grohl was already world famous as the drummer for Nirvana.

Is Dave Grohl partially deaf?

Grohl won’t wear ear monitors despite his partial hearing loss. Grohl has partial hearing loss, but he’ll never wear ear monitors. They throw him off on stage. He wants to be aware of everything that’s happening.

Who was Dave Grohl’s childhood friend?

Although his time with Nirvana might feel like a small blip in his career, Grohl says it felt like a rollercoaster ride, where he learned what it meant to lose someone. Besides Cobain, he also dealt with the death of his childhood friend Jimmy Swanson.

How did Nirvana Meet Dave Grohl?

Following the breakup of Scream, Grohl called Osborne for advice. Osborne informed him that Nirvana was looking for a drummer and gave Grohl the phone numbers of Cobain and Novoselic, who invited Grohl to Seattle to audition. Grohl passed the audition and soon joined the band.

What is Nirvana’s biggest hit?

Smells Like Teen Spirit

If this was a list ranking Nirvana’s most commercially successful songs, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would easily be #1.

Who owns the rights to Nirvana?

When Nirvana singer and lead songwriter Kurt Cobain died in 1994, his widow, rocker Courtney Love, became the primary beneficiary of his estate, which includes more than ninety-eight percent of the band’s publishing rights.

Did Nirvana sell out?

In 1992, Kurt Cobain told Rolling Stone: “I don’t blame the average 17-year-old punk-rock kid for calling me a sellout.” Nirvana had moved from indie label Sub Pop to Geffen, a major, to release Nevermind.