What does Nichole Schmidt do for a living?

Overview. Nichole has 17 years of experience in nonprofit and government accounting. She started her career working with charter schools at an outsourced accounting firm.

Who is Gabby Petitis mother?

Nichole Schmidt is known as the mother of Gabby Petito. She welcomed her daughter on March 19, 1999, with her ex, Joe Petito. Tragically, Gabby died by strangulation in August 2021, a crime that Nichole believes was committed by her fiancé Brian Laundrie while on a cross-country road trip.

Who is Gabby Petito’s stepfather?

Gabby Petito’s Stepfather: Brian Laundrie Is ‘Hiding’ Not Missing.

What does Gabby Petitos dad do for a living?

Gabby Petito’s mom Nichole Schmidt, a Patchogue-Medford High School graduate, and her stepfather James, a former fire chief for the Blue Point Fire Department, live in Blue Point. Below is Gabby Petito’s final post on Instagram, from Aug. 25.

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Where does Nicole Schmidt live?

Who is Nicole Schmidt? A resident of Blue Point, Long Island, not much is known about Schmidt. She is married to Joe Petito, who is Gabby’s stepfather according to reports. While originally from Long Island, Petito reportedly lived in Florida with Laundrie for two years.

How many children does Joe Petito have?

Father of 3 amazing children, and husband to an awesome and patient wife. one of 6 founding board members to the Gabby Petito Foundation.

What is Joe Petito job?

Joe Petito – Railroad Safety Inspector, Signal & Train Control – Federal Railroad Administration | LinkedIn.

What does Joseph Petito do?

joseph petito (@josephpetito) / Twitter. I am married to a beautiful wife, and have 3 amazing children. I am a Sales Manager at Home Depot.

Where does Gabby Petitos dad live?

Petito grew up in Long Island but moved to North Port about two years ago to live with her fiancé Brian Laundrie and his family. Petito’s father Joe Petito and stepmother Tara Petito also live in Florida, and joined the conversation Tuesday from their home in Vero Beach. “I cry every night.

Is Gabby’s father married?

Gabby’s parents are divorced.

How many siblings does Gabby Petito have?

Despite no information being available about them online, she did have one sibling that stands as the only one that shares the same mother and father. TJ Schmidt is the younger brother of Gabby Petito. In the wake of his sister’s disappearance, TJ was vocal in his determination to find his sister.

Why couldnt Gabby see her dad?

While fans hoped that Clayton would get to meet Gabby’s parents last season, the Denver resident instead introduced him to her extended family members. She explained that her dad was unable to participate due to the ongoing pandemic, and that she was saddened that he would be absent.