What does Roland Gift do now?

Where is Roland Gift now? Gift released his self-titled solo debut album in 2002. At the same time, Gift reactivated the band name and toured as Roland Gift and the Fine Young Cannibals. Gift still performs regularly, and in 2017 went on a UK tour, performing FYC classics.

Where was Roland Gift born?

Gift was born on 28 May 1961 in the Sparkhill district of Birmingham, to an English mother and an Afro-Caribbean father. He lived in Sparkhill until the age of 11, receiving his early formal education at Anderton Park School and Arden Primary School.

Did Roland Gift appear in heartbeat?

Singer Roland Gift, from pop band Fine Young Cannibals, appeared in Heartbeat back in 1993 as private Ken Marston who goes on the run after believing he killed his senior officer. As well as being a singer, Roland, has appeared in a number of TV shows down the years.

Who did Roland Gift sing with?

He was in punky ska band, the Akrylykz, when Andy Cox and David Steele – formerly of the Beat, one of the UK’s first multiracial bands – recruited him for Fine Young Cannibals, a band that blended rock and soul with Gift’s inimitable, quivering vocals on hits such as Good Thing, an American No 1, and I’m Not the Man I

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Does Roland Gift have children?

Louis Gift
Roland Gift / Children

Who is Roland gifts wife?

Louise Meldrum
Roland Gift / Wife

Does Roland Gift live in New Zealand?

Buying a farm in New Zealand only fuelled the myth that he had left London and music for an epic Good Life scenario. Gift laughs. “Yes, I do own a farm in New Zealand.

Is Roland Gift related to Lucy Beaumont?

If you search for famous Hullensians on the internet, you’ll find far more than you probably realised were from that way, including Lucy’s close family friend Roland Gift, of Fine Young Cannibals fame.

Is Roland Orzabal married again?

Roland Orzabal/Spouse

How rich is Roland Orzabal?

Roland Orzabal is a British musician, songwriter, and record producer who has a net worth of $40 million. Roland Orzabal is best known for co-founding and being a member of the English pop rock band Tears for Fears.

How old is Curt Smith?

61 years (June 24, 1961)
Curt Smith / Age

How tall is Curt Smith?

5 ft 10 in