What episode of Parks and Rec is Jacob Bertrand in?

“Parks and Recreation” Pawnee Rangers (TV Episode 2011) – Jacob Bertrand as Darren – IMDb.

Was Hawk from Cobra Kai in Parks and Rec?

Eli Moskowitz from Cobra Kai (Jacob Bertrand) is in the season 4 ‘Treat Yo Self’ episode of Parks and Rec when he was a little kid as Pawnee Ranger Darren. Spotted him in it and was like, “That’s Hawk!”

Who is stronger Miguel or Robby?

Miguel beat Robby to become the 2018 All Valley Under 18 Karate Champion at the end of Cobra Kai season 1.

Are Hawk and Miguel friends?

Things are tense for a moment until the Cobra Kais leave, but this is where it becomes clear that Hawk’s and Miguel’s friendship is over for the time being.

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What else is Hawk from Cobra Kai in?

He is known for playing the titular character in the 2014 Disney XD series Kirby Buckets, and Jack Malloy in the 2016 Disney Channel Original Movie The Swap. Since 2018, Bertrand has played the series regular role of Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz in the YouTube Premium and Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Who is Mr Park Cobra Kai?

Kyler Park is a major recurring character in Cobra Kai. He is a rich high school student who bullies students of a lower status than himself. His bullying of Miguel Diaz prompts Miguel to take karate.

What made Hawk leave Cobra Kai?

He began in Cobra Kai with Johnny Lawrence as his sensei and continued under John Kreese’s leadership when he took over the dojo. Hawk leaves his previous dojo to join the combined Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang Karate dojos, feeling at odds with himself for tormenting his own friends and seeking to mend these relationships.

Who is Hawks girlfriend from Cobra Kai?

Hannah Kepple (Born November 20, 2000) is an American actress. She plays Moon in the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Who is Hawk’s ex?

Mary Royer, Dave Hawk’s ex-girlfriend, was asked point blank on the stand if she was involved in the disappearance of Debbie Hawk.

Does Hawks have a wife?

Tony Hawk’s wife, Cathy Goodman, plays an integral role in his personal life.

Why did Hawk and Moon break up?

Fed up with Hawk’s bullying, Moon breaks up with him after the fight, infuriating him.

Why did Hawk switch sides?

It is only when the Cobra Kai students invade the LaRusso’s house that the character starts to notice the damage he has been doing by teaming up with his former bullies. When they try to hurt Demetri, Hawk instantly switches sides to protect his friend instead of causing him even more harm.