What episode was Jillie Mack in Magnum PI?

However, Mack would go on to appear in two episodes of Magnum P.I. as Sally Ponting and English Girl at the Party. As for the two episodes Jillie Mack appeared in: “Professor Jonathan Higgins” and “Rembrandt’s Girl.”

Who played Sally on Magnum PI?

Jillie Mack: Sally Ponting.

Has Tom Selleck made a cameo on the new Magnum PI?

Tom Selleck also made it clear to new Magnum P.I. co-creator Peter M. Lenkov that he didn’t want to make any kind of cameo on the new show as some kind of cheeky nod or endorsement or whatnot: I told them that I won’t do some cameo guest spot to let the audience know I approve.

Who played Magnum PI’s daughter?

Kristen Carreira: Lily Catherine Hue.

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Did Magnum ever meet Robin Masters?

The real Robin Masters

Even though Masters was on friendly enough terms with Magnum to allow the latter to have free use of his estate and car, Magnum never meets Masters face-to-face.

What does TC stand for on Magnum?

Roger Earl Mosley (/ˈmoʊzli/; December 18, 1938 – August 7, 2022) was an American actor, director, and writer best known for his role as the helicopter pilot Theodore “T.C.” Calvin in the CBS television series Magnum, P.I., which originally aired from 1980 until 1988.

Is Higgins actually Robin Masters?

In the final episode of the series, Higgins tells Magnum that he really is Robin Masters.

What is the ring Magnum wears?

Its use was suggested in 1902 by Paris physician Gilbert Sersiron as a symbol for the “crusade” against tuberculosis. The cross was used in the TV show Magnum, P.I. as the emblem on the ring worn by the members of Magnum’s Vietnam War team who were the co-stars on the show.

What rank was Magnum, P.I. in the Navy?

He held the rank of Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy at the time of his resignation in 1979. In season two, Magnum was recalled to service with the rank of Commander (skipping the rank of Lieutenant Commander).

What happened to Magnum P.I. daughter Lily?

Lily Catherine was presumed dead and was reunited with Magnum, who returned to his career as a Naval Intelligence officer to protect her.

What was Marta Dubois cause of death?

Brain aneurysm
Marta DuBois / Cause of death

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Did Magnum and Michelle have a daughter?

Lily, who appeared in four episodes, had been raised by her mom, Magnum’s once presumed dead wife Michele, and her second husband. Following their death, the little girl was reunited with her birth father who at the end of the series vowed to provide a stable home for her.