What ethnicity is El Moussa?

Tarek El Moussa was born on August 21, 1981 to a Lebanese Catholic father, whose family migrated to Egypt, and a Belgian mother in Long Beach, California. In 2000, he graduated from Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California. He married Christina Haack in May 2009.

What is the ethnicity of the name Tarek?

Tarek is a masculine name of Arabic origin that will help baby shine bright. A variant of Tariq, this name translates to “evening caller,” referring to visitors arriving at night to avoid the heat or the day.

Where does the last name El Moussa originate from?

For what it’s worth, according to Answers.com, Tarek El Moussa is Moroccan, and El Moussa is a Moroccan name.

What is Tarek net worth?

As of October 2022, Tarek El Moussa’s net worth is roughly $15 Million. What is this? Tarek El Moussa is a real estate investor and television personality and he is best known for being one of the hosts of the TV series ‘Flip or Flop’.

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What does the name El Moussa mean?

Moussa (sometimes spelled Mousa) is both a given name and a surname. It is a Gallicized spelling of the Arabic name Mūsā (Arabic: موسی, “Moses”).

Does Tarek El Moussa have kids?

Tarek El Moussa/Children

What is Christina Haacks net worth?

Christina Haack is an American real estate investor and TV personality who has a net worth of $25 million USD.

Is Tarek El Moussa married?

Tarek El Moussa/Spouse

Who is Tarek El Moussa’s sister?

Tarek El Moussa / Sister

What is Christina Haack nationality?

Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead; born July 9, 1983) is an American real estate investor and TV personality.

How old is Christina Haack?

39 years (July 9, 1983)
Christina Hall / Age

How did Christina Haack meet Joshua Hall?

According to a source, they’d first met years earlier during a real estate conference. “We’ve had a few solid months of just us getting to know each other and I’ve loved every second of it,” Haack wrote. The Wellness Remodel author also slammed critics who said the relationship came along too soon.