What ethnicity is Nate Burleson?

However, Burleson remains proud of his Canadian heritage, sporting a maple leaf tattoo and expressing interest in playing for Canada in a World Cup of football to the media.

How long did Nate Burleson play in the NFL?

Burleson played wide receiver for 11 seasons in the NFL, including four with the Seahawks.

How old is Nate Burleson?

41 years (August 19, 1981)
Nate Burleson / Age

Who is Nate’s wife?

Atoya Burleson
Nate Burleson / Wife

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What was Nate’s trauma?

Nate is victimized by knowing and having covered for his father from such a young age. Nate’s greatest fear is confronting the severe trauma that his father unknowingly afflicted upon him and the idea that he could turn out to be even worse than his dad.

Who is Nate’s 2nd brother?

Nate’s Brother Is Ashtray

In episode 1 of Euphoria, season 2 it was revealed Ash and Fez were not biologically related but were both raised by Fez’s grandmother (Kathrine Narducci). Ash had been dropped off at her home and his mother and father never returned to collect him.

Who is Nate’s girlfriend in Euphoria?

Madeleine “Maddy” Perez is a main character in the first and second seasons of Euphoria. She is portrayed by Alexa Demie, while her 11-year-old counterpart is portrayed by Keilani Arellanes. Confident, combative Maddy is Nate’s on-and-off girlfriend and finds herself bearing the weight of Nate’s emotions.

Does Nate love Cassie or Maddy?

In “Euphoria” Season 2, Nate fell in love with Cassie, or at least that is what we can conclude. Cassie was the perfect woman, according to him, one who was submissive, dressed up the way he liked, and could be the perfect wife that he always desired.

What is Nate’s girlfriend name in Euphoria?

Nathaniel “Nate” Jacobs

He has an on-off and toxic relationship with Maddy during season 1, and he starts a secret relationship with Cassie, which damages the girls’ friendship, in season 2.

Does Nate end up with Vanessa?

Eventually the two get together, but Nate breaks up with Vanessa for Blair Waldorf.

Why does Nate want the tape?

Early on, Nate steals the tape of his father and Jules, but uses it to blackmail his classmate. That’s how he both protects his father and gets Jules to lie to the police and identify the wrong guy in Maddy’s sexual assault case.

Who kills Nate?

During his transfer to the psychiatric facility, two of the guards shot Nate in the head, killing him while under the orders of Lynne Birkhead.